North America Museums and Culture

Greenville County Museum of Art, United States
  420 College Street - Greenville, SC              
Welcome to the Greenville County Museum of Art. The Museum is open Tuesday–Saturday from 11–5, remaining open until 8 on Thursday evenings. On Sundays, we're open from 1–5. Galleries are closed on Mondays and major holidays. Admission is always absolutely free
Museum of Idaho, United States
  200 N Eastern Ave - Idaho Falls, ID              
The Museum of Idaho is Idaho's premier national traveling exhibit museum and is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the natural and cultural history of Idaho and the Intermountain West. The museum does this by developing regional educational programs in the sciences and humanities, and by hosting nationally acclaimed exhibitions including "A T. Rex Named Sue", "Discovering Idaho: The World of Lewis & Clark", "Space Journey", "Savage Seas", "Guns & Hooks", "Ink & Blood", and "World of the Pharaohs". The Museum offers traveling and permanent displays, presentations, educational programs, and a reading and reference library.
Koshland Science Museum, United States
   - Washington, DC              
Opened to the public in April 2004, the new Marian Koshland Science Museum uses engaging, interactive exhibits to bring to life the numerous reports conducted by the prestigious National Academies every year.
Holter Museum of Art, United States
  12 E. Lawrence - Helena, MT              
AWA Museum of Electronic Communication, United States
  2 S Ave - Bloomfield, NY              
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It is an organization of some 4,000 members linked by a common interest in the history of electrical and electronic communications. AWA members come from all walks of life and our ranks include teenagers, octogenarians, and beyond in both directions. At one of our meets, you might find yourself shaking hands with a retired broadcast executive or military electronics specialist, an engineer in a high-tech electronics firm, or an eager young man looking for advice on restoring his first radio.
Conference House, United States
  7455 Hylan Boulevard - Staten Island, NY              
Known for being the first house museum on Staten Island, this New York City museum is rich in history on many levels. Its name lies in honor for the peace conference of 1776, a commemoration. Constructed circa 1680 by Captain Christopher Billopp, this 2 story rubble-stone masonry masterpiece has been restored over the years, as needed for structural integrity. Its steep gable roof gives the essence of the period. By 1934, much work had been completed including the Colonial Rose Garden and planting 13 trees to represent the original colonies. House tours are offered Friday-Sunday at 1 pm. In the midst of a collection of artifacts from the era, it is almost like stepping back to the time when our great country was still forming. The beauty and serenity overpower you while walking the grounds. Spring and summer bring the vivid colors of the trees to life. Why not stop for a minute to quite literally “smell the roses”? When the sun is descending, gaze over to the waterfront to enjoy the unparalleled sunset that exudes tangerine hues amid a backdrop of amber with scattered tones of violet entice you to just stand in awe of the beauty that is happening right before your eyes.
University of Nebraska State Museum, United States
  University of Nebraska- Lincoln - Lincoln, NE              
Planetarium audiences can now experience immersive high-tech adventures in a true 360 degree theater.
The Marine Museum, United States
  70 Water Street - Fall River, MA              
Here you will see one of the world's largest TITANIC exhibit. A 28 foot detailed model is the centerpiece in the collection of artifacts and memorabilia. The famous R. M. S. Titanic, so carefully designed to be called "unsinkable", on her maiden voyage took 1500 people with her to a watery grave on April 14, 1912. The museum's collection includes photographs taken by the Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution, a recorded account of the tragedy by a Titanic survivor, and a video tape of the vessel's discovery. The Marine Museum's newest exhibit, The Andrea Dora, is now open. This exhibit includes photographs, videos, artifacts and a model of the Italian liner which sank off the coast of Nantucket in the summer of 1956.
Children's Museum of Lowcountry, United States
  25 Ann Street - Charleston, SC              
The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry (CML) is Charleston’s first hands-on learning environment designed just for children ages 3 months to 12 years and their families. Since opening its doors on September 21, 2003, more than 450,000 visitors have explored the museum’s eight interactive exhibits, ranging from a full-scale shrimp boat to an area just for infants and toddlers. CML is the perfect family destination—many parents seize the opportunity to be a kid again and discover the exhibits with their child(ren), and each exhibit offers something for children of any age.
The mission of the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry is to spark the love of learning in all children of the tri-county area. Through hands-on, interactive experiences with the arts, sciences and humanities, children will develop creative thinking and problem solving skills and a belief in their own potential.
Please Touch Museums, United States
  210 North 21st Street - Philadelphia, PA              
Please Touch Museum, the children’s museum of Philadelphia. Please Touch is designed for families with young children and since 1976, has dedicated itself to enriching the lives of children by creating learning opportunities through play.
Let your child be your guide as they interact with our museum exhibits, take part in museum activities or enjoy one of our interactive theater performances.
Canadian Museum of Nature, Canada
  PO Box 3443, Station D - Ottawa, ON              
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From valuable minerals and fossils hidden beneath our feet to the trees that make the oxygen we breathe, from Arctic plants to zebra mussels and everything in between, nature touches every aspect of our lives. The Canadian Museum of Nature is more than a natural history museum that creates and develops exhibitions for public viewing. Come inside!
Alaska Veterans Museum, United States
  PO Box 773364 - Eagle River, AK              
The Alaska Veterans Museum is planned with a focus on honoring our nation's veterans and insuring that because of the sacrifices they made to defend America's freedom, "They Shall Not Be Forgotten." As President Calvin Coolidge said, "A nation which forgets its defenders, will itself be forgotten."
The Weitzel Gallery, Canada
  904 Central Avenue - Saskatoon, SK              
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The Weitzel Gallery showcases canadian artist Al Nelson Weitzel's unique creations of wildlife, horse and western art.
The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum, Canada
  10440-108 Avenue - Edmonton, AB              
The goal of the The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum is to help Canadians to learn about their nation's military history, to be aware of the larger influence that the military has had on Canadian national history; and to appreciate the importance of the military to present-day Canada.
Sisimiut Museum, Greenland
  Jukkorsuup aqq. 9 - Sisimiut, GL              
The old town quarter is characterized by its colonial age buildings. As most of the towns in Greenland, Sisimiut has been spared of large fires. Consequently, a great deal of the colony administration buildings has been preserved. The greater part of these buildings belongs to Sisimiut Museum...
Durham Mining Museum
   - Greenland, GL              
"Two different accounts of the history of coal mining in County Durham are presented.
The first comes from The Victoria History of the Counties of England - Durham, published in three volumes in 1907. It contains a large section on the history of coal mining in the county. This work focuses on the detailed history and does not cover the social or practical side of the industry. We have reproduced the text up to the start of the nineteenth century.
The second comes from The History, Topography, and Directory of the County Palatine of Durham by Francis Whellan, second edition, published in 1894. Once again there is a large section of the history of coal mining in the county, however, it concentrates on the nineteenth century, but the major part covers the practical and the social side of mining during the nineteenth century.
The two works complement each other, and together present an overall history of the coal industry in County Durham. The history is nor complete without coverage of the twentieth century and the eventual demise of the industry - this topic is too large and complex to cover here and is best left to the many books on the subject. We do however, provide some information for the twentieth century in the individual pages on each colliery."
Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec, Canada
  615, avenue Sainte-Croix - Montréal, QC              
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The mission of the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec is to promote Quebec's cultural heritage, including the traditional arts and crafts of yesterday, and those of today, among local, regional and national collectivities.
Its artistic objectives are to increase awareness of traditional craft and artisanal practices, as well as contemporary craft and contemporary art. Also, the Museum accords a large place to the artistic and artisanal expression of the different cultural communities that enrich its local population and reflect the image of Canada today.
Manitoba Museum, Canada
  190 Rupert Avenue - Winnipeg, MB              
The Manitoba Museum is the province’s largest heritage centre renowned for its combined human and natural heritage themes. The institution shares knowledge about Manitoba, the world and the universe through its collections, exhibitions, publications, on-site and outreach programs, Planetarium shows and Science Gallery exhibits.
The Museum’s collections reflect the heritage of Manitoba and other regions of the world. Eight interpretive galleries explore the history and environment of the province from its northern Arctic coast to its southern prairie grasslands. The Museum is noted for its Urban Gallery, which recreates Winnipeg in the 1920s, and the full-size replica ship Nonsuch, whose voyage in 1668 led to the founding of the Hudson’s Bay Company.
Musée Bombardier, Canada
  1001 avenue J.-A.-Bombardier - Valcourt, QC              
Located in Valcourt, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, the Musée Bombardier presents the life and work of the great inventor and entrepreneur Joseph-Armand Bombardier. This privately funded museum also describes the evolution of the snowmobile industry, in large part launched by this Quebec visionary.
Museum of Anthropology, Canada
   - Vancouver, BC              
The Museum houses some 535,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects, many of which originate from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. Massive totem poles, carved boxes, bowls, and feast dishes are featured in the Museum's Great Hall, while smaller (but no less magnificent) pieces in gold, silver, argillite, wood, ceramic, and other materials are exhibited elsewhere in the galleries.
Firefighter Museum, Canada
  4124 – 11 Street S.E. - Calgary, AB              
The Firefighter Museum of Calgary's purpose is to acquire, restore, maintain and protect fire apparatus, pictures, equipment and memorabilia of the Fire Services' past.
Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada, Canada
  Doncaster Street, Suite C116-123 - Winnipeg, MB              
The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada is an incorporated non-profit multi-faceted organization involved in preserving, documenting, interpreting and sharing Jewish heritage.
Headquartered at the Asper Jewish Community Campus, the JHC includes a research library, an extensive archive collection, exhibitions of our history through artifacts and displays as well as visiting and seasonal exhibits, and a Holocaust resource and education centre.
Musée International d'art naïf de Magog, Canada
  81, rue Desjardins, suite 100 - Magog, QC              
Welcome on the official Web site of the Museum of International Naive Art in Magog (Musée international d'art naïf de Magog).
The only Canadian Museum fully dedicated to Naive Art.
Musée Gilles-Villeneuve, Canada
  960 avenue Gilles-Villeneuve - Berthierville, QC              
The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum opened its doors to the public in 1988. On the initiative of members of the Berthier-Villeneuve comity regrouping volunteers and friends who knew Gilles Villeneuve, the museum followed the inauguration of Gilles-Villeneuve’s park and statue ( a real size bronze ). Berthierville will never forget the champion who put it on the map.
Since it’s foundation, the team of the museum is very active to perpetuate the souvenir of Gilles Villeneuve throughout years and generations. Through activities like golf tournaments, banquets, membership campaigns, etc..., and other actives related to racing ( karting and Auto Shows) the staff and volunteers of the museum never stop the efforts so that the legend of the little guy from Berthierville will be told for many many years ...
Greenland National Museum, Greenland
  Hans Egedevej 8 - 3900 Nuuk, GL              
Museet blev startet i midten af 1960`erne som det første museum i Grønland. Samlingerne er siden udvidet gennem indsamling, fra udgravninger og med tilbageført materiale fra Danmarks Nationalmuseum. Museet har landsdækkende arbejdsopgaver indenfor arkæologi, nyere tids historie, kunst og kunsthåndværk. Museet rummer de centrale registre om fredede bygninger og fortidsminder og varetager fredningslovens bestemmelser om fredning af fortidsminder og bygninger samt deltager i naturfredning og byplanlægning.