North America Martial arts

Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Academy, United States
  26 Columbus Avenue - Tuckahoe, Ne              
"We offer an affordable way to learn the techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in a safe, friendly, and clean environment. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu remains undefeated for over 75 years."
Kokushi Budo Institute, United States
  331 Riverside Drive - New York, NY              
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Kokushi Budo Institute of New York, Inc. - Professor Nobuyoshi Higashi, B.A., M.A.
Louis Neglia Martial Arts Academy, United States
  365 Avenue U - Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY              
Louis Neglia Martial Arts Academy, teaching the finest in Karate. Kickboxing and Ju Jitsu in the same location for over 25 years.
There is over 4000 square feet and three floors of space with all the equipment you will ever need in order to meet your goal of becoming the best that you can be. Facilities include five hanging heavybags, without which you can't perfect your punches and kicks. The bags also build and tone muscles as well as condition your heart and lungs-a must for any serious martial artist. Wight training, a boxing ring, mats for Jiu Jitsu train-ing, gloves, headgear, and all safety equipment necessary to develop the important three ranges of distance fighting (hand range, kicking range, and self-defense grappling range) which is essential to develop one's complete martial arts skills.
K2 Boxing, United States
  34-09 Queens Blvd - Long Island City - Long Island City, NY              
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k2 boxing club is well known for our established boxing program. we have many champions from different competitions such as the metro state and golden gloves. we are always looking for serious fighters to join our family.
Evolution Boxing, United States
  1656 86th Street - Brooklyn, NY              
A partnership between the client and the trainer, based on trust and mutual interests.
Riverdale Kenshikai Karate, United States
  3607 Fieldston Road - Riverdale - Riverdale, NY              
Kyoshi Paul Sookdar, a Fifth-Degree Black Belt and co-founder of the Kenshikai Karate Association, has been studying martial arts for over thirty years and teaching for over twenty. He began training at the age of six at Jerome Mackie’s school in New York City, and after two years moved to the Kyokushin school of Kaicho (Grandmaster) Tadashi Nakamura at 14th Street in Manhattan. Here, he first found his love of traditional Japanese style karate based upon the principles of discipline, self-respect, and courtesy.
Brotherhood Boxing Club, United States
  333 St. Nicholas Avenue - Ridgewood - Ridgewood, NY              
A Registered Metro club located in Ridgewood NY.  Founded by Boxing Master Ray Cuadrado, the NY Boxing staff is dedicated to teaching fundamentals, proper technique, and extreme conditioning routines.
With a proud history of champion fighters, Brotherhood offers specialized training that includes olympic style boxing, extreme conditioning, tournament training, as well as pro training camps.
USA Taekwondo And Hapkido, United States
  4578 San Jose Blvd. - Jacksonville, FL              
USA Taekwondo And Hapkido offers a variety of Training Programs , Online Store for secure purchasing of uniforms and training gear, and Virtual Training through our Members Area.
Long Island School of Tai-Chi-Chuan, United States
  87 Tyler Avenue - Sound Beach, NY              
Bob Klein began studying healing, meditation, Tai-chi and Kung-fu since the 1960’s.
He received his Tai-chi-Chuan teaching certificate from Grandmaster William C. C. Chen in 1975. He also studied with healers from several nature-oriented cultures.
Aikido of Westchester, United States
  100 Mamaroneck Ave - White Plains, NY              
"Aikido Of Westchester was founded in 1997. We are affiliated with The United States Aikido Federation and The Aikikai World Headquarters in Japan. Our purpose is to provide instruction in the martial art of Aikido according to the principles of the founder, Morihei Ueshiba."
World Martial Arts Center, United States
  475 Atlantic Avenue - Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY              
The World Martial Arts Center in New York City - Union Square and Brooklyn. We specialize in kickboxing, modern self defense, korean karate, Mixed Martial Arts (mma), and martial arts for children.
5 Star Martial Arts, United States
  1433 South Third Street - Jacksonville, FL              
5 Star Martial Arts' goal is to provide individuals with the most complete and effective system of self defense while maintaining high instructional and professional standards.
D-Dojo, United States
  151 West 26th Street, 5th Floor - New York, NY
D-Dojo is an officially recognized branch of Shotokan Karate-do International Federation, the most reputable and recognized karate organization in the world, which allows members to get internationally certified and to be recognized by thousands of dojos throughout the entire globe. D-Dojo has been established by the former World and National Karate Champion Igor Dyachenko 4th Dan.
Original Taekwon-Do, United States
  505 Ovington Avenue - Brooklyn, NY              
Master Vincent A. Affatigato is a 7th degree black belt with 30 years of martial arts experience. He is a Certified International Instructor with the International Taekwon-do Federation, has been teaching as a head instructor for 20 years, and has been an officer of the United States Taekwon-do Federation since 1996.
Hybrid Martial Arts, United States
  12105 S.W. 129th Ct. #103 - Miami, FL              
Hybrid Martial Arts was designed with the individual in mind, geared toward catering to the specific needs of a person looking for a martial arts school. There are many benefits a person can acquire from training at our martial arts school which include weight loss, self confidence, reduced stress, and self defense.
Karate Brooklyn, United States
  2415 Avenue U - Brooklyn, NY              
Specializing on teaching teens and adults. Offering the following classes: Russian Sambo, Military Training/ Take Down Techniques Hand to Hand Combat and Disarming Weapon Training. These skills include different aspects of Punching, Kicking, Throwing, Joint Locking, Ground Grappling and Pressure Point Techniques.
Karate Brooklyn classes are structured based on students age and experience. Separate beginner, intermediate and advance classes.
Zaragoza Boxing Gym, United States
  926 Broadway 3rd Floor - Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY              
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Zaragoza Boxing is a place where everybody takes their job seriously mainly amateurs and professionals that compete in tournaments as a golden glove and prize fights. This is a classic gym where everybody feels comfortable. We have a big ring, heavybags, speedbags, no machines. We offer a full service of sport massages.
Angel Redondo Taekwondo, United States
  86-11 101 Avenue - Ozone Park, NY              
Upcoming events, our instructors, programs and much more.
South Miami Taekwondo, United States
  4542 SW 75th Ave - Miami, FL              
Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido, Tai Chi and Jiu Jitsu. Training for the betterment of the individual.
Iron Eagle Hapkido, United States
  26 Lakeside Ave. (Rear) - Pompton Lakes, NJ              
Iron Eagle offers the finest instruction Hapkido, the Korean martial art of self-defense. It is based upon three principles: Harmony (Hwa), Circle (Won), and Dynamic (Lyu). Iron Eagle Hapkido offers family discounts, and visitors are always welcome.
Rod's International Martial Arts, United States
  10365 Hammocks Blvd. - Miami, FL              
"The oldest martial arts school in Miami, Florida's Kendall area. It was founded in 1979 by Master Rod Bohorquez with the principles of teaching self-defense, self control and personal development. We offer classes for both children and adults in the Martial Art of Shim Myung Do, a combination of Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Sip Pal Gue and Mediation."
Sword Class NYC, United States
  520 8th Ave. (at 36th St.), 16th Floor - Ripley Gier Studios - New York, NY              
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Sword Class NYC was founded in 2009, as a satellite school of the Sung Moo Kwan Kendo Academy, the largest school of its type in the United States. Sword Class NYC is the only school in the United States that offers both eastern and western sword styles side-by-side, encouraging exploration and discourse between the divergent forms. The official name of Sword Class NYC is Sung Do Kwan (in Korean – Seitokan in Japanese), which means ‘Academy of the Sacred Sword.’ Feel free to contact the academy if you have any questions about the school, the sword styles offered, or just want to talk about swords!
Freestyle Fighting Academy, United States
  1423 SW 107 Avenue - Miami-Dade County - Miami, FL              
System of martial arts and self-defense proven time and time again. Instructors, professional fighters with many years of training, have utilized Freestyle Fighting Academy techniques in the cage and in the ring - at the national and international level.
Robaina’s Mushin Academy of Martial Arts, United States
  5801 S.W. 8th Street - Miami, FL              
At Robaina’s Mushin Academy of Martial Arts, you’ll learn one of the most complete martial arts systems in the world: Mushin Aikibudo The curriculum consists of the following arts: aikijujutsu, aikido, jujitsu, hapkido and Jiyu Ken Do. It emphasizes practical self defense, physical and mental conditioning with forging of the human spirit. With Kyoshi Robaina’s Aikibudo, a student at any belt level will learn not only various kicks and punches, but defenses against punching, kicking, and grabbing so that in a very short amount of time they will be able to apply what they have learned and begin to be able to defend themselves. We cater to men, women and children in a family atmosphere where the student comes first.
Alex Sternberg's Karate, United States
  1815 Avenue M - Brooklyn, NY              
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Thump Fight Gym, United States
  8100 SW 81st Drive - Miami, FL              
Thump Fight Gym, formerly known as Thump Boxing gym, was born out of passion. Boxing has been part of the lifeblood of American culture for over a hundred years, and has recently become increasingly popular with Hollywood movies and reality shows portraying the toughness and the passion that is synonymous with boxing, and more recently Mixed Martial Arts as well with the growing popularity of Ultimate Fighting Championships. As America and the rest of the world gather around to watch individuals in the ring pour out heart and sweat for their dreams, you realize that your own dreams of losing weight and accomplishing undeniable better health are also being shown.
Max Fitness, United States
  1530 Old Country Road - Plainview, NY              
Max Fitness' goal is to keep members in the best shape of their lives. Max Fitness has a number of different programs in Martial Arts and fitness, ranging from Kung Fu for children as young as 2 years old, all the way up to adult Kung Fu and Black Belt programs. Our fitness programs are tailored for every individual from beginner to advanced and include Cardio Kick, Boxing, Yoga and Martial Fitness.
Church Street Boxing Gym, United States
  25 Park Place - New York, NY              
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Unlike other gyms Church Street is the only gym in the area that has a coaching staff completely comprised of competitive (or formally competitive) athletes who have the experience and "know how" to ensure that you will benefit from working with the best.
Whether you are a complete novice or a professional fighter the Church Street Boxing Gym has a program, the expertise and facilites to help you attain your goals.
Sensei Ruskin Karate School, United States
  6113 18th Ave - Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY              
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Sensei Sheldon Elliot Ruskin is training and teaching traditional Shotokan karate for over 30 years. Certified by and a member of the Japan Karate Association in Tokyo and International Shotokan Karate Association. Sensei Sheldon Elliot Ruskin, US National Karate Champion has trained children for National and Regional championships. Sensei Ruskin has also trained in Japan - Karate Association in Tokyo over 6 years.
Us Kenpo Kai, United States
  1890 SW 57th Avenue Suite 106 - Miami, FL              
Professional, courteous, and always willing to help you.