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Pacsun, North America
  90-15 QUEENS BLVD #3013 - Queens - Elmhust, NY              
From the beaches of California to the busy streets of New York, Pacsun has established itself as a distinctive and innovative New York City clothing store that embraces its west coast roots and shares it with an East Coast lifestyle. Located in Elhurst, Pacsun is far more than a traditional Queens clothing store; it is a status symbol of a lifestyle not readily available in the New York clothing scene. Offering much more than surfboards and board wax, Pacsun’s reached out into the entire youth culture and now offers a full line of casual and active sport apparel. Men’s wear, women’s wear, swimsuits, shoes, denim and of course surf shorts are all part of Pacsun’s unique designer collections that give you quality clothing in a variety of up-to-date fashions. Another interest of note is Pacsun’s dedication to employees by providing extraordinary training and services to ensure that you, the customer, receive the very best NYC shopping experience. Pacsun’s desire is to stay true to their roots in youth culture and offer what’s new now. With their store in Queens they continue to succeed with that mentality and offer a welcome change from the mundane in the fashion world.
Yachtsman, South America
  Av. das Américas, 4666 - Barrashopping - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Criada em 1989 pelo empresário Marcelo Abrão, o conceito da Yachtsman era focado na moda náutica. Conformo foi-se desenvolvendo, a grife direcionou-se para um estilo de roupas mais causal, dedicada aos jovens executivos que fazem questão de conforto e estilo para o dia-a-dia e finais de semana. Deste outubro de 2003, a Yachtsman passou oficialmente a assinarY|MAN. Esta ação faz parte da nova estratégia da empresa de rejuvenescimento e reestruturação do conceito da marca. A Y|MAN, é hoje uma das marcas de maior projeção da moda masculina.
DTA Jeans, South America
  BR 356, 3.049, Nível OP, lj 7 - BH Shopping - Belo Horizonte, MG              
No mercado nacional há 18 anos, a DTA vem consolidando sua marca e fortalecendo o conceito de jeans de luxo no país. A DTA conta hoje com 820 pontos de vendas distribuído em todo o país, loja própria no BH Shopping e revendedores esclusivos em Aracajú e Maceió.
Gap, North America
  528 Broadway - Manhattan - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer4' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=gap'></iframe id='palyer4'>
Founded by Donald and Doris Fisher as a small San Francisco based clothing store with just a handful of employees, Gap has turned into one of the world’s most recognizable and prestigious clothing store brands. A visit to New York City’s Gap is like a visit to Starbucks – just say when. With its Manhattan clothing store, The Gap has solidified itself as a staple of the New York fashion scene and offers a vast selection of must-have uptown apparel . Along with the Gap banner, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta are all labels available through Gap retailers and covers all ages and styles of fashion, clothing and accessories. Celebrity endorsements from Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Lee and Lorraine Bracco, to name a few, have brought The Gap to the masses and has forever made it part of Americana. Even today, Gap continues its dominance of the fashion industry as it continues to be recognized as the US’s largest specialty apparel retailer and keeps its hand on the pulse of the fashion world. For awesome gifts, family friendly atmospheres and an overall great shopping experience make Manhattan’s Gap one of the stores you visit in the New York fashion scene.
Cavendish, South America
  Moreira Cesar - Icaraí - Niterói, RJ              
Uma moda jovem e atual, voltada para a mulher urbana e sofisticada.
Tessuti, South America
  Av. das Américas, 7777 lj.215 - Rio Design Barra - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A natureza exuberante e as cores luminosas do Rio de Janeiro, foram o cenário para o nascimento da marca Tessuti. Na efervecência dos anos 80, a estilista Clara Vasconcelos desenvolveu sua primeira coleção e conduziu esta marca ao sucesso. Nossa moda é reconhecida pelo uso de tecidos especiais, acabamentos primorosos e a modelagem “in shape”. As linhas Giorno, Fashion e Evening, vestem nossas clientes para todas as ocasiões. Sofisticação e modernidade revelam uma mulher ultra feminina. Essencialmente elegante, a mulher Tessuti assume confiante seu próprio estilo. “São mulheres únicas, fortes, reais, que vestem suas roupas e nunca se deixam vestir por elas”. Lojas RJ: Ipanema, Shopping Downtown, Rio Design Barra, Fashion Mall
Lacoste, North America
  608 Fifth Avenue - Manhattan - New York, NY              
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Lacoste is a French apparel company founded in 1912 that sells high-end clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, eyewear, and most famously, tennis shirts. The company can be recognized by its green nan crocodile logo. Lacoste has the reputation of being culturally preppy, especially in the United States.
René Lacoste was a famous French tennis player who achieved fame in two areas: tennis and fashion. While winning the 1926 U.S. Open championship, Rene Lacoste of France wore something that he himself had created: a white, short-sleeve shirt made exclusively of a light knitted fabric called ‘jersey petit piqué’ that served to wick away moisture due to heat, the very first version of performance clothing in sports. The shirt was a radical departure from tennis fashion of the day, which called for stiff, woven, long-sleeve oxfords. In 1927 during the Davis Cup, the American press nicknamed Lacoste "the Alligator" because of a bet made about an alligator-skin suitcase. With no cognate in his native tongue, the nickname was changed to le crocodile in French. The nickname stuck due to his tenacious behavior on the courts, never giving up his prey. Lacoste’s friend, Robert Georges, drew him a crocodile which Lacoste then embroidered on the blazer he wore on the courts. Source
Ascot Chang, North America
  7 West 57th Street - New York, NY              
Ascot Chang has brought Shanghainese men's tailor craftsmanship to international acclaim. Our customer list comprises some of the world's most demanding and distinguished men-the likes of Mr George Bush. They know that the feeling one gets wearing a custom-made shirt goes beyond mere comfort. It has the flavor of self-assurance. It has the tinge of power.
They have been coming to us for a very long time from our first shop on Kimberly Road in Hong Kong in 1955 to our townhouse shop on 57th Street in Manhattan and our store in Beverly Hills. They want only one thing: a shirt that fits.
Chloé, North America
  850 Madison Avenue - Madison Avenue - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer9' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=Chloe'></iframe id='palyer9'>
Returning after a season's maternity leave, Phoebe sent out a collection with crisp new shapes, proportions and vigour. A line dresses and stiffer couture fabrics were used with flares from the shoulder, and swinging skirts with models on great chunky platform shoes. Sixties ruffled skirts (so popular this season) were intricately worked in crunchy embroidery, organza applique and frills. Lots of new accessories like handbags were seen this season. Source
Victoria's Secret, North America
  2655 RICHMOND AVE - Staten Island - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer10' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=victoriassecret'></iframe id='palyer10'>
Victoria's secret is a specialty retailer of women's intimate apparel. It has about 1,000 Victoria's Secret lingerie stores and 100 stand-alone Victoria's Secret Beauty Stores in the US, mostly mall-based. It sells bras, panties, hosiery, beauty products, sleepwear, and more. Victoria's Secret mails more than 400 million of its catalogs per year.
Victoria's Secret decidedly built its image with a fairly conservative, middle-class shopper in mind and avoided any connotations of sleaziness which lingerie might carry.
The company gained notoriety in the early 1990s after it began to use supermodels in its advertising and fashion shows. Throughout the past decade, it refused to follow the celebrity trend, turning down at least one celebrity a month begging to model the brand. Source
Imaginarium, South America
  Rua: XV de Novembro, 08, lj 302  - Plaza Shopping - Niterói, RJ              
Em apenas quatro anos já havia quinze franquias da Imaginarium no Brasil. Atualmente há 68 lojas exclusivas, além de centenas de pontos-de-venda no mercado multimarcas. A empresa cresceu e se consolidou como referência em design com inovação e diversão, ou fun design.
Drops de Anis, South America
  Av. Rio Branco, 157 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A Drops de Anis, empresa que atua no segmento da moda, fabricando e comercializando roupas femininas, surgiu em 1978, através de uma pequena confecção. O sucesso desta pequena oficina, resultou na inauguração da primeira loja em 1982, no bairro de Copacabana. Hoje, a Drops de Anis, com cinco lojas, orgulha-se de ocupar um lugar de destaque no setor da moda da cidade do Rio de Janeiro, combinando conceitos de qualidade, preço e bom gosto.
Aspargus, South America
  Rua Afrânio de Melo Franco, 290 lj.310-K - Leblon - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Há 30 anos no mercado carioca, a Aspargus tem fabricação própria e tradição nessse universo de texturas, pontos e tramas que se renova a cada temporada. Para Leda Zucarelli, não é a roupa que faz a mulher, mas a mulher que faz a roupa. Este é o conceito que caracteriza todas as coleções Aspargus. A coleção de verão 2007/2008 é assim: despojado e confortável, valorizando peças soltas no corpo em forma de trapézio, que chegam também com o brilho do lurex e o grafismo de estampa de folhagens. Lojas RJ: Fashion Mall, Ipanema, Shopping Leblon e Shopping Rio Sul.
Bom Tom Gestante, South America
  Estrada dos Três Rio, 200 lj.106 - Jacarepaguá - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
“ Enfim, a confirmação. A expectativa da espera cede lugar à euforia da certeza. É hora de viver intensamente a emoção da maternidade. E, é para que você possa curtir cada dia desses tão sonhados meses que a BOM TOM existe, trazendo beleza e sensualidade, para que a futura mamãe esteja sempre em dia com a moda e o que há de mais prático e confortável no vestuário gestante. Na BOM TOM você encontrará roupas de qualidade para as mais diferentes ocasiões e para o dia-a-dia. Trabalhamos também com sistemas de ajustes que podem ser usados do primeiro ao nono mês de gravidez, acompanhando todas as transformações dessa fase tão especial na vida de uma mulher.”
Agent Provocateur, North America
  133 Mercer Street - Manhattan - New York, NY              
Akris, North America
  835 Madison Avenue - Manhattan - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer16' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=AkrisOfficialChannel'></iframe id='palyer16'>
For any young business woman, Akris, located in Manhattan right off of Madison Avenue, is a stylish new twist on business attire. They have business ensembles with clean lines, gorgeous knit wear and double closure jackets, plus bright jackets and dresses. This New York City fashion boutique has absolutely gorgeous apparel and is perfect for any woman in the business world. You've never seen such elegant clothing gathered into one store. The store is very clean and proper, organized perfectly. The employees are sweet and helpful, very smart and they add to the professional atmosphere of the store. Even if you aren't a business woman, it is a great store for any classy party or gathering you may be going to. Swiss designer Albert Kriemler, designs for the woman’s personality to eclipse her apparel. The styles are mature and elegant representing perhaps the newest trends that will be touching down Spring-Summer 2012. If you feel the need to dress classy, with the small pop of color, and look more professional and smart, look no further. You'll look and feel very business-like and yet for those after hour affairs, you will certainly turn heads.
Valentino, North America
  747 Madison Avenue - Manhattan - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer17' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=valentino'></iframe id='palyer17'>
Established in 1960 by legendary fashion icon Valentino Garavani, the Maison has grown over the years and now operates in more than 70 different countries counting over 1250 points of sale, 66 of which are directly managed.
Nordstrom, North America
  60 E. 14th St. - Manhattan - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer18' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=nordstromcom'></iframe id='palyer18'>
From simple beginnings as a shoe retailer to becoming one of the most upscale department stores in the world, Manhattan’s Nordstrom’s has revolutionized the industry and continues to be one of the foremost department stores in the world. Originally started as a little shoe store in Seattle, Nordstrom’s now provides one of the hottest quality shopping experiences in the world. The staff are superb – hand-picked and superiorly trained to help you make your selection from the top quality clothing, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics and home furnishings, it’s no wonder Nordstrom’s has continued to thrive over its hundred and ten year store existence. For some of the best service, best quality in uptown apparel, and best New York City shopping, you need to make a visit to Nordstrom’s. By having great shoes, fashionable clothes and trendy wares for the entire family, they have won many awards and even now appear in Fortune’s Top 100 list. As it has grown, it also acquired several other brands under the Nordstrom banner including HauteLook, Jeffrey and Treasure & Bond. Implementing wellness programs to ensure quality service, is just another of the many accolades for this New York City department store.
La Perla, North America
  803 Madison Avenue - Madison Avenue - New York, NY              
Club Monaco, North America
  2376 Broadway - Manhattan - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer20' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=clubmonaco'></iframe id='palyer20'>
A high-end high street clothing retailer with more than 69 stores in North America. It is owned by Polo Ralph Lauren. An international men’s and women’s lifestyle brand with a distinctly urban casual point of view, best defined as a play of opposites: mining vintage with new, hard with soft and eclecticism with minimalism. Each season, Club Monaco offers customers must have fashion and key pieces that together are the foundation of a modern wardrobe.
Custo Barcelona, North America
  474 Broome Street - Manhattan - New York, NY              
Casual sophistication birthed out of traveling around the world, Custo and David Dalmau seized the psychedelic beach style of Southern California and created a lifestyle from their own bohemian Barcelona roots. Surfing in Spain was popular, but clothing was unremarkable until the advent of the two Spanish brothers to the global fashion scene. If you think you can just go online and shop for Spanish surf inspired clothing, you will be sadly mistaken. Custo and David sank their souls into the development of innovative graphics and color treatments that simply cannot be experienced virtually. Their Manhattan boutique is a simple journey to Greenwich Village, so if you were already planning on stepping out for a bite to eat, take a little more time and shop at their New York City store. The colors are divine – fuchsias, turquoise and magenta hues for women and graphite blues for men, casual chic is well represented in their full line of t-shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, tops, and pants for men, women and kids. Wear the Custo Barcelona brand and you will be initiated into the lifestyle of sun, wind, water and long beaches of fun.
Syms (Closed), North America
  400 Park Ave - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer22' title="Syms - YouTube video player" width="250" height="190" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CNTtstuPvcc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe id='palyer22'>
For nearly 50 years SYMS has been committed to giving Educated Consumers® real bargains on real designer clothes. SYMS is the Off-Price representative of over 200 authentic designer and brand names. Names You Must Know® in clothing and shoes, for men, women, and children. Offering an impressive selection of styles and sizes.
Sergio Rossi, North America
  649 Fifth Avenue - Manhattan - New York, NY              
Roberto Cavalli, North America
  711 Madison Ave - Upper East Side - Manhattan, NY              
<iframe id='palyer24' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=robertocavalli'></iframe id='palyer24'>
Almost everyone wants stylish clothing, and even more people want stylish decor in their homes. What if you could shop for both in the same place? Roberto Cavalli in Manhattan allows you to do just that. While you're searching through their extensive clothing collection, you can also be looking at new linens for your bedroom. Their designer clothing line is really eye-catching, dynamic and extremely fashionable. Their 'Iconic Leopard' line is great for those who enjoy the daring animal print, or maybe check out their unique swim suit collection, which is jubilant for Summer 2012. They have a very new style, full of beautiful golds and bright greens that easily complement each other in a way that is pleasing to the eyes. Once you have done shopping for clothing, take a look at the interior design selections. Great quality towels and bed sets that are designed with spacious and beautiful of homes in mind. Your living space has never looked more in mode. Roberto Cavalli is easily one of the better high end stores this side of Manhattan. You will positively adore the quality and quantity of the selections, and fall in love with this designer boutique.
Quebra Vento, South America
  Estrada do Portela 106-A - Madureira - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Idealizada em 1989, a Quebra Vento, vêm cumprindo competentemente a missão de confeccionar roupa jovem de qualidade com design contemporâneo para consumidores antenados com a moda. A equipe de criação da marca pesquisa constantemente as últimas tendências dos mercados nacionais e internacionais buscando atender a um público receptivo ao estilo urbanwear e surfwear, suprindo as 24 lojas da rede com moda de vanguarda.
Lojas RJ: Centro,. Duque de Caxias, Campo Grande, São João de Meriti, Vilar dos Teles, Bangu, Madureira, Bonsucesso, Realengo, Magé, Vicente de Carvalho, Itaguaí, Nilópois, Seropédica, Paracambí, Mesquita, Nova Iguaçu, Mesquita e São Gonçalo
Dress To, South America
  Rua XV de Novembro, 8, lj 276 B - Plaza Shopping - Niterói, RJ              
A Dress To virou referencia de moda muito feminina, colorida e alegre. Thatiana Amorim conquistou o público que gosta de brincar com o armário. Todas as sua coleções tem peças para combinar, descombinar, usar com sobreposições. Os acessórios são sempre muito criativos, daqueles que sozinhos já fazem a produção.
Kylza Ribas, South America
  Rua Maria Quitéria, 77 lj.223 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Com uma moda autoral, a estilista carioca Kylza Ribas, formada pelo Instituto Zuzu Angel, iniciou-se no mundo da moda ainda criança, quando teve contato com sua bisavó, uma modista de alta costura da década de 40. Os anos se passaram e, em 2004, surgiu a marca Kylza Ribas, presente hoje em 15 estados brasileiros e em países como Grécia, Estados Unidos, Portugal e Cabo Verde.i
Syndicate, South America
  Estrada do Mendanha, 555 LUC 213 - West Shopping - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A grife Syndicate nasceu em 1993 na zona oeste do Rio de Janeiro, mais exatamente no Shopping Campo Grande, até então o único shopping da região.
O público jovem, antenado com a jovialidade do estilo lifestyle e urbanwear da marca, identificou-se rapidamente com a variedade de produtos e grifes importantes no cenário da moda nacional e internacional oferecidos pela Syndicate e, a partir de então, a empresa não parou de crescer.
Hoje, a Syndicate está presente em três shoppings com lojas bem decoradas, exibindo araras e estantes repletas de roupas com as melhores marcas para o segmento jovem como Everlast, Adidas, Puma, Eckounltd, Equatore, Melissa, Calvin Klein, Missbella, Wollner, Shop 126, entre outras.
Moda Masculina e Feminina.
Lojas RJ: West Shopping, Passeio Shopping e Shopping Campo Grande
Corpo & Alma, South America
  Av. Ayrton Senna, 3000 2º piso - Via Parque Shopping - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Unindo elegância e versatilidade, a Corpo & Alma traz à mulher moderna, conforto e praticidade há 27 anos. Criada pelo casal de empresários Isaac e Eliane Saadia, a Corpo e Alma já nasceu com uma filosofia familiar, mantido até os dias de hoje - uma equipe totalmente envolvida e comprometida com seus clientes e intimamente ligada ao universo feminino.
As várias renovações do layout da marca e as reformas de suas lojas são exemplos de que a Corpo & Alma acompanha o tempo, e com isso, torna-se uma marca sempre atual. “Somos uma empresa jovem e, portanto, precisamos estar sempre inovando e se renovando.”
Com a proposta de auxiliar suas clientes, a equipe da Corpo & Alma monta e traz para o site, a vitrine da semana com alguns dos looks da coleção da grife, criados pela equipe de estilo. Lindos, confortáveis, versáteis e super atuais para você se inspirar e usar sem medo de errar.
Lojas RJ: Centro 1 e 2, Shopping Rio Sul, Ipanema, Shopping da Gávea, Shopping Tijuca, Norte Shopping, Barra Shopping , Via Parque Shopping, Città América e Recreio Shopping
Oh, Boy!, South America
  Rua XV de Novembro, 8  - Plaza Shopping - Niterói, RJ              
A Oh, Boy! trás, neste inverno, uma coleção alegre e sofisticada. Presente nas estampas e detalhes, o Esquilo se destaca como personagem da estação, nos levando a uma atmosfera campestre, onde encontramos diversos tipos de xadrez. As flores e outros bichinhos também nos remetem a esse clima country, presente nas camisas tipo cowboy, babados e franjas.