United States Fitness Centers

Body & Soul Fitness Club, Southeast USA

  355 Greco Avenue - Coral Gables - Miami, FL              
Fitness Clubs come in a variety of styles and sizes. But, like a pair of shoes, you need to look for the style, comfort and style that fits your own personality. Body & Soul's goal is to fit your body and comfort your goal, catering to people who truly care about their own physical & mental health.
Bally Total Fitness, Northeast USA
  2100 Bartow Ave - Bay Plaza - Bronx NY, 10              
The pioneer in designing and building world-class health clubs, so each facility is the result of decades of fitness experience. Every health club is designed to give you all you need to achieve your personal goals.
Seattle Athletic Club, Northwest USA
  2020 Western Avenue - Seattle, WA              
<iframe id='palyer3' width="212" height="174" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/aAYnoCGbJqw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe id='palyer3'>
Seattle Athletic Club is dedicated to bring out the best in its members everyday by continuing to offer the very best in qualified professional fitness staff, excellent customer service, exciting fitness programs, and ever-evolving and improving fitness facilities and equipment.
Seattle Athletic Club offers all of the services and amenities of a world-class sports and fitness center with none of the pretension & attitude.
Central Maine Athletic Center, Northeast USA
  74 Westminster St. - Lewiston, ME              
Central Maine Athletic Center provides for your total health & fitness needs in a clean, friendly, family-oriented, air-conditioned environment.
CMAC has a full line of free weights and dumbbells including incline/decline benches, a leg press and Smith machine.
Overtime Fitness, Southwest USA
  1625 N Shoreline Blvd - Mountain View, CA              
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The ultimate, cutting edge fitness facility designed for your way of life! One of Silicon Valley's best kept secrets, Overtime Fitness located in Mountain View is a fresh, unique and state-of-the-art fitness and wellness club. Only OTF offers you the exclusivity and quality of a personal training studio combined with the flexibility and freedom of choice of a larger fitness club.
X-treme Rock Climbing, Southeast USA
  13972 SW 139 Court - Miami, FL              
With over 14,000 square feet of climbing, X-treme Rock Climbing has many amenities that make our facility one of the top climbing gyms in the country. You will find that there's something here for everyone. The roofs and overhangs add a challenge for experienced climbers, while our USA Climbing Certified route setters also create routes suited to the beginner as well.
These routes are changed frequently so there is something new for you to climb often! For those of you who want to build finger strength, we have finger boards and campus boards.
Positively Fit, Southeast USA
  4040 Woodcock Drive - Jacksonville, FL              
Positively Fit is centrally located in the Midtown Centre office park. Just five minutes from San Marco, Regency, and Downtown Jacksonville, our gym is between Atlantic and Beach boulevards, near the Hart Bridge exits.
Fitness Training Center, Midwest USA
  1459 King Ave - Columbus, OH              
<iframe id='palyer8' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=GoFItnessCenter'></iframe id='palyer8'>
Discover why it is absolutely the best decision to choose Go: Fitness Training Center. Fitness to be a place with no bounds, where imaginative workouts live and where results are found for everyone. Our state of the art facility provides an unparalleled training environment. There is not another fitness center like Go: Fitness Training Center in Ohio, we guarantee it!
Koi Fitness, Southwest USA
  1061 Pacific Ave - San Francisco, CA              
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Koi Fitness is an ongoing, year-round outdoor exercise program in the Bay Area that is divided into six-week sessions that meet four days a week. More than just a typical boot camp workout, we combine outdoor fitness and exercise instruction with nutritional guidance and healthy lifestyle education to get to the results you want.
Mode of Fitness, Northwest USA
  1410 14th Ave - Seattle, WA              
Mode of Fitness is a locally owned and operated gym conveniently located in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. Inexpensive memberships, state of the art equipment, affordable personal training, and energetic group classes, will immediately make Mode of Fitness Seattle’s favorite gym.
Snap Fitness, Southeast USA
  14740 Biscayne Boulevard - North Miami Beach, FL              
<iframe id='palyer11' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=snapfitness247'></iframe id='palyer11'>
Get started with a fast, convenient and affordable workout every time - at Snap Fitness in North Miami Beach, FL. Minutes from your home and packed with the industry's best cardio and exercise equipment, our gym gives you more for your money.
Harbor Bay Club, Southwest USA
  200 Packet Landing Road - Alameda, CA              
"The Harbor Bay Club is proud to offer Pilates Reformer training in both private and small group sessions with highly trained certified Pilates Instructors. Our Small Group Reformer classes provide an affordable way to gain the benefits of the work performed on the Pilates Reformer. With focused attention and guidance from our qualified instructors, Pilates provides a gentle, yet challenging way to strengthen and lengthen your body. Pilates Mat Classes are offered throughout the week and are free to members. Pilates Small Group Reformer classes are offered weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings for a fee and are open to members and non-members."
Life Time Fitness, Southcentral USA
  13725 North R.M. 620 - Austin, TX              
Life Time Fitness offers complete workouts combining cardio, strength and flexibility, with something to suit every interest and fitness level. Experience life as a Life Time Fitness member - no strings attached!
Castle Hill Fitness, Southcentral USA
  1112 N Lamar Blvd - Austin, TX              
This gym is not merely a place to workout like a gerbil in wheel. Castle Hill encourages you to make health and fitness a lifestyle. Castle Hill is strongly committed to health, life and the environment.
Mercury Fitness, Southwest USA
  2904 Laguna Street - San Francisco, CA              
Mercury Fitness is a high performance Pilates center located in San Francisco.
Metro Fitness, Midwest USA
  1215 Worthington Woods Blvd - Worthington, OH              
Locally owned and operated, our seven area locations feature the largest variety of equipment for strength training, cardiovascular workouts and fitness classes and programs. Metro Fitness creates a complete fitness environment for members and visitors alike. Certified personal trainers are always available to answer any questions regarding your fitness goals or to suggest specific products from our Pro Shops. Year after year, Metro Fitness maintains its position as Central Ohio's true leader in the fitness and nutrition industry.
Metropolis Fitness & Spa, Southeast USA
  1430 Madruga Avenue - Coral Gables - Miami, FL              
<iframe id='palyer17' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=MetropolisFitnessSpa'></iframe id='palyer17'>
At Metropolis Fitness & Spa we are passionate about Fitness & Health, therefore we have created a top of the line facility which boasts the latest in progressive resistance, cardio-vascular conditioning, circuit training and free weight equipment, but our most valuable asset is our team of highly qualified fitness professionals who will attend to your fitness needs in a personal and professional manner.
Taking Care Center, Northeast USA
  90 State House Square, H1 - Hartford, CT              
The Taking Care Center is a state-of-the-art fitness center located at 90 State House Square next to the Old State House lawn in downtown Hartford, CT. The center consists of 48,000 square feet of fitness, aquatics, and group activity spread over two levels.
Max Fitness, Midwest USA
  7245 Maplecrest Rd - Southwest Fort Wayne - Fort Wayne, IN              
Stunning new 19,000 square foot facility, over 150 pieces of fitness equipment. Exercise to the latest movies in our fitness theater or in our group cycling studio. We are equipped and committed to helping Fort Wayne be the fittest city in Indiana.
Max Fitness is building an un-intimidating, casual and warm facility that will inspire people who are new to fitness embrace a healthy lifestyle while also providing features that challenge and motivate experienced exercisers who discovered the benefits of fitness long ago.
Hyde Park Gym, Southcentral USA
  4125 Guadalupe St - Austin, TX              
Welcome to HYDE PARK GYM, your friendly neighborhood gym in central Austin, Texas. HYDE PARK GYM is known for its family atmosphere, friendly staff, attentive personal trainers, weight lifting & powerlifting facilities, and diverse clientele. Depending on your fitness needs – whether you’re interested in weight loss, toning, or bulking up – the Hyde Park Gym family is ready to help you achieve your goals.
The gym is also known for “the Arm” – the gargantuan dumbbell-curling bicep that protrudes over Guadalupe Street.
HYDE PARK GYM caters to folks of all fitness levels who are looking for a comfortable & inviting home for their workout needs. Open every day of the year! Come by and check out the best neighborhood gym in Austin, TX!
Paris Health Club, Northeast USA
  752 West End Avenue - West End Ave. - New York, NY              
Offering an amazing array of classes for every age and skill level; Pilates. Urban Rebounding, Cardio Jazz, Low Impact Aerobics, Step Jam, Yoga (Iyengar, Hatha, Astanga, Vinyasa) and Boot Camp all included with your membership!
Snap Fitness, Southeast USA
  3267 Hodges Boulevard - Jacksonville, FL              
<iframe id='palyer22' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=snapfitness247'></iframe id='palyer22'>
Get started with a fast, convenient and affordable workout every time - at Snap Fitness in Jacksonville, FL. Minutes from your home and packed with the industry's best cardio and exercise equipment, our gym gives you more for your money.
GymX, Southcentral USA
  2327 S. 57th Street - Temple, TX              
From state of the art facilities, with an inspiring atmosphere, to world class customer service, GymX stands poised to meet and exceed your every fitness goal. GymX prides itself in offering you the cleanest facilities, coupled with the friendliest staff that you will find. The equipment is carefully selected for ease of use, for the novice to the experienced fitness trainer.
Join up soon and begin to experience the ultimate you. You belong here at GymX!
The Little Gym, Northeast USA
  580 N. Main Street - Barnegat, NJ              
<iframe id='palyer24' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=OfficialTheLittleGym'></iframe id='palyer24'>
As you strive to give your children the best foundation for success, The Little Gym® is here to help you along the way. The Little Gym has more than 300 locations in 21 countries; all focused on helping children achieve a lifetime of success.
Pure Austin, Southcentral USA
  907 W 5th St. - Town Lake - Austin, TX              
Welcome to Pure Austin, the indoor gym for outdoor people! Personal training at Pure Austin can get you up & started, help you achieve the next level, or just help you maintain your shape. Pure Austin's professional trainers are all certified and are the best, most experienced team in Austin!
Victory Fitnes Center North, Midwest USA
  50 Graceland Blvd - Graceland Shopping Center - Columbus, OH              
The city's best variety of cardio equipment, free weights, circuit machines, and more! Need motivation? Try a group exercise class, they're included in your membership! Still need more? Special programs such as Personal Training, and classes such as Cycling and BOSU are also available.
All American Fitness & Tanning, Northeast USA
  1881 Williston Road - South Burlington, VT              
All American Fitness is Vermont's only 24 hour fitness facility. Conveniently located and in business for 14 years, we're owned and operated by Rick Poston, Mr. America 1984, and a champion athlete with over 30 of fitness and training experience.
Knockout Zone, Southeast USA
  5084 Biscayne Blvd. - Miami, FL              
Knockout Zone specializes in all the training areas and also every age group. Discover Knockout Zone's excellently trained group of professionals & enjoy the brand new facilities made for your best workout!
Curves, Midwest USA
   - Detroit, MI              
<iframe id='palyer29' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=CurvesChannel'></iframe id='palyer29'>
Curves caught on like wildfire and opened clubs at an astronomical rate, sometimes more than doubling its number of locations from year to year. This was all done by word of mouth until Curves launched its award-winning national advertising campaign in 2003. What took McDonalds 25 years and Subway 26 years to do—open 7,000 locations—Curves did in under a decade.
Downtown Athletic Club, Southeast USA
  200 South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 15A - Wachovia Financial Center - Miami, FL              
Since 1984, Downtown Athletic Club has been providing quality & programs services with superior facilities as a full service health club in downtown Miami, FL. Downtown Miami is dynamic and bustling with life.
All Natural Gym, Northeast USA
  163 S 11th Street - off W. Hoffman Ave. - Lindenhurst, NY              
One of the last REAL gyms on Long Island, is a family friendly gym that offers affordable prices, plus cardio equipment on a brand new cardio deck complete with 50-inch plasma TVs, circuit training, weight training, Powerlifting and Strongman training, the most free weights on the South Shore, a brand new boxing room, and a variety of classes, such as Spin, Zumba, Isomotion, Yoga, K-Bell, Pilates, Self-defense, Boot Camp, Hoop Dance, Abs, Stretching & Relaxation, and Step Aerobics! Grow with All Natural Gym!
Epicenter Fitness, Northwest USA
  1419 3rd Avenue - Seattle, WA              
Epicenter Certified Personal Trainers work with you to design a program that’s personalized and custom- built to your goals. Whats your goal? Want to lose weight, build muscle, or just look and feel better? Let Epicenter design a specific plan to help you achieve success. Fast Fitness training programs are tailor made to meet the personal fitness goals of all members.
Bally Total Fitness, Midwest USA
  9800 E. Eight Mile Road - Detroit, MI              
Committed to building upon its position and brand as the leading provider of fitness services. Bally is helping our members achieve their fitness goals by providing the highest quality service, facilities and products in a fun, friendly, safe and welcoming environment.
VyAyr Fitness for Women, Southwest USA
  2161 Union - San Francisco, CA              
VyAyr Fitness offers a fun-filled four-week boot camp in San Francisco, just for women, through a program designed to improve your physical fitness and mental well-being.
Catalyst Fitness, Midwest USA
   - Fort Wayne, IN              
<iframe id='palyer35' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=catalystfitness08'></iframe id='palyer35'>
At Catalyst Fitness, our number one priority is your health and wellness goals. We recognize that there are many options when it comes to improving your health or even weight loss. We also recognize that many of these options are misleading and leave us misinformed and frustrated. Most of us often blame ourselves for our failure to see the results we desire. If this sounds like you, then don't blame yourself!
Shula's Athletic Club, Southeast USA
  15150 Bull Run Road - Miami Lakes, FL              
Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, Shula's Athletic Club offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well.
Envision Personal Trainers, Southwest USA
  4760 East Mission Gorge Place - San Diego, CA              
From yoga to facials and nutritional guidance, Envision Personal Trainers offers clients complete health and fitness consultations. With several personalized programs to choose from, spacious indoor and outdoor facilities accommodate personal training sessions for brides to be, seniors and those seeking specialized attention, including pilates. Skincare services such as facials and waxing are available as are massage and acupuncture treatments.
Ideal Fitness, Midwest USA
  4430 Charlestown Rd - New Albany, IN              
At Ideal Fitness there are no long-term contracts, no price increases, no hassles. What there is at Ideal Fitness is a low $19.95 monthly membership fee, the latest exercise equipment, including cardio machines, with individual LCD screens, weight circuit machines, free weights and personal training. Plus, affordable child care. Get a great work-out at Ideal Fitness. No more excuses.
On the Go Fitness, Northeast USA
  80-17 Lake Ave. South - Nesconset, NY              
On the Go Fitness is truly a unique exercise experience. Jay Fields and James Remien have created a facility in which your physical limits are boundless.
On the Go's non-traditional approach to exercising includes strength training coupled with cardiovascular and flexibility conditioning, all in a state of the art training facility.
Washington Athletic Club, Northwest USA
  1325 Sixth Avenue - Seattle, WA              
You are passionate about finding the keys to a life well-lived. So is the Washington Athletic Club.
The club has been on the forefront of Seattle since 1930. From modest beginnings, we’ve evolved into the best athletic club in the nation. The club's mission, to help its members live better lives, hasn’t changed. That pioneering spirit is guided by a strong vision: to enrich the quality of life of all members and to be the premier athletic club in America. But above all else, Washington Athletic Club values excellence, service, integrity, leadership and sensitivity.
Xplore CrossFit, Northwest USA
  808 2nd Ave - Seattle, WA              
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program truly for everyone based on continual variance of functional movements performed at high intensity. Xplore CrossFit offers personal training and group classes.
Xplore CrossFit started with the idea of bringing elite fitness to downtown Seattle. Applying the training principles of CrossFit we bring something new and intense to the downtown gym environment.
Seattle Fitness, Northwest USA
  83 So. King Street #100 - Seattle, WA              
Seattle Fitness' mission is to provide members the opportunity to experience fitness at its finest. Here the goal is to share our knowledge and experience in a professional and friendly manner, contributing to your overall health and well-being.
Pure Austin, Southcentral USA
  4210 W Braker Ln. - Quarry Lake - Austin, TX              
Welcome to Pure Austin, the indoor gym for outdoor people! Personal training at Pure Austin can get you up & started, help you achieve the next level, or just help you maintain your shape. Pure Austin's professional trainers are all certified and are the best, most experienced team in Austin!
Mickey T's Fitness Centers, Northeast USA
  121 Somerset Plaza, Suite #205 - Pittsfield, ME              
Mickey T's is the gym for the average guy and gal - today's individuals who don't have hours to spend sculpting their bodies... people who just want a workout that's fast and effective.
Mickey T 's provides a friendly atmosphere which allows individuals to enjoy their workout and achieve their fitness goals. Boost your energy and blast the fat away all while enjoying your favorite show or preferred music.
Healthy Habits Fitness & Yoga, Southwest USA
  2224 J Street - Sacramento, CA              
The Healthy Habits family of studios provide fitness, nutrition, and motivation to our clients through personal and group training, healthy eating and living classes, group exercise classes, and healthy supplements, clothing, and food options.
Excel Defense Studios, Southwest USA
  5803 W. Craig Road - Las Vegas, NV              
An all around fitness and training facility where you and your family can learn and master several martial arts, self defense, and fitness training programs. All of our programs are taught at our new 5,500 square foot studio located approximately 1 mile east of the US 95 Freeway in Northwest Las Vegas at the southeast corner of Craig Road and Jones Boulevard. There are over 50 classes offered per week in mixed martial arts classes for men, women, and children.
GymX, Southcentral USA
  801 S. Fort Hood St. - Killeen, TX              
From state of the art facilities, with an inspiring atmosphere, to world class customer service, GymX stands poised to meet and exceed your every fitness goal. GymX prides itself in offering you the cleanest facilities, coupled with the friendliest staff that you will find. The equipment is carefully selected for ease of use, for the novice to the experienced fitness trainer.
Join up soon and begin to experience the ultimate you. You belong here at GymX!
Dance Trance Fitness, Southeast USA
  1515 San Marco Blvd. - San Marco - Jacksonville, FL              
<iframe id='palyer48' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=DTHippychick'></iframe id='palyer48'>
In every location, Dance Trance classes are jam packed with students every night waiting for their next dose of hair-raising adrenaline. There are students of all ages participating in this all-out dance marathon. In any one class, you can find first time students and seasoned class veterans all dancing together and enjoying the heck out of their fitness class. It is really a unique experience.
Capital Athletic Club, Southwest USA
  1515 8th Street - Sacramento, CA              
The Capital Athletic Club is the premier fitness club in Sacramento and home to over 20 years of experience and expertise, offering state-of-the-art equipment, educated and trained instructors, personal amenities and outstanding service right in the heart of downtown Sacramento. The Capital Athletic Club is completely committed to your health and fitness.
Boe Boxing & Fitness, Southwest USA
  1801 East Tropicana Avenue - Las Vegas, NV              
<iframe id='palyer50' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=theboeboxinggym'></iframe id='palyer50'>
Kickboxing classes, boxing equipment, personal training and fitness programs in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Bodies In Action, Inc., Northeast USA
  71 Smithtown Blvd. - Smithtown, NY              
Bodies In Action, Inc. is dedicated to helping each individual person meet and discover his or her own way to be fit for life!
Through the results of a personalized health and fitness analysis, Bodies In Action's purpose is to help each person achieve a healthier, more energetic and balanced lifestyle.
Anytime Fitness Mandarin, Southeast USA
  4268 Oldfield Crossing Drive - Jacksonville, FL              
<iframe id='palyer52' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=AnytimeFitnessLLC'></iframe id='palyer52'>
Anytime Fitness is Jacksonville's best health and fitness facility. It's one thing to claim being the best. It's another to prove it. You'll find everything you need to get results quickly in a pleasant and beautiful environment.
Brand new to the Mandarin area, the Anytime Fitness team provides members and their guests everything they want in a world class facility - a friendly environment, helpful service, a great value for the money, and results that are fast and lasting.
Zum, Northwest USA
  1813 7th Avenue (at Olive) - Seattle, WA              
Feeling good is about more than physical outcomes. It's about emotional victories.
Achieving an inner confidence that you can do the things you didn't think you could do before. Whether that means losing ten pounds or running ten miles - no matter what age you are or shape you're in - ZUM gives you the support and coaching you need to reach a new level of vitality. Inside and out. Join today.
Westside Fitness, Midwest USA
  1618 Leonard NW - Grand Rapids, MI              
Massage has been a major part of medicine for at least five thousand years. In the British museum, records reveal that as early as 3000BC massage was practiced by the Chinese. It is one of the earliest remedial practices of humankind and is said to be the most natural and instinctive means of relieving pain and discomfort.
Summit City Fitness, Midwest USA
  5928 Trier Road - Fort Wayne, IN              
Certified trainers eager to help you reach your fitness goals. New Members receive two hours with a personal trainer to design a workout plan with cardio and strength components. Personal Training Sessions are available for those requiring additional instruction. See front desk for pricing.
Reebok Sports Club NY, Northeast USA
  160 Columbus Avenue - Upper West Side - New York, NY              
Reebok Sports Club/NY on Manhattan's Upper West Side is a 140,000 square foot world class sports and fitness complex designed to fulfill your every fitness need.
Reebok Sports Club/NY features over 40 different sports and fitness options offering state-of-the-art facilities, services and programming combined with personalized service in an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.
GymX, Southcentral USA
  5701 W. Waco Dr. - Waco, TX              
From state of the art facilities, with an inspiring atmosphere, to world class customer service, GymX stands poised to meet and exceed your every fitness goal. GymX prides itself in offering you the cleanest facilities, coupled with the friendliest staff that you will find. The equipment is carefully selected for ease of use, for the novice to the experienced fitness trainer.
Join up soon and begin to experience the ultimate you. You belong here at GymX!
Core Fitness, Northwest USA
  1201 Third Ave, Suite 450 - Seattle, WA              
Core Fitness is a downtown Seattle fitness club, designed exclusively for the busy professional and the downtown resident. It is located in the Washington Mutual Tower. Core Fitness has a passion for improving quality of life through fitness, wellness, and fun.
MVP Sports Clubs, Midwest USA
   - Grand Rapids, MI              
MVP Sports Clubs is the management company of seven world-class sports and fitness destinations. MVP Sports Clubs facilities include RDV Sportsplex in Orlando Florida, MVP Sportsplex, MVP Metro Club, and MVP Fieldhouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan, MVP Athletic Club in Holland, Michigan, MVP Athletic Club in Rockford, Michigan and MVP Sports Spot in Kentwood, Michigan.