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Mom's Gestantes, South America

  Av. das Américas, 4666 lj.106P24 - BarraShopping - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
“A Mom´s é uma loja exclusiva de roupas e acessórios para gestantes. Com 6 lojas no Rio de Janeiro e uma franquia em Macaé, a marca aposta em roupas modernas e compatíveis com a nova silhueta durante a gestação. Para conquistar esse público tão específico e que se encontra num momento de fragilidade e necessidade de cuidados com a beleza, a Mom´s aposta numa roupa confortável que acompanha as tendências da moda. A prioridade é o bem estar da gestante, com modelagens exclusivas e tecidos confortáveis. Batas, blusas e vestidos, calças e bermudas que duram toda a gravidez e mantêm o estilo. A calça jeans, forte da marca, possui diferentes regulagens e lavagens.” Lojas RJ: Shopping Barra Garden, BarraShopping, Rio Sul, Shopping Leblon, Ipanema, Shopping Cine Center-Icaraí-Niterói e Macaé.
Eddie Bauer, North America
  7000 Austin Street - Forest Hills, NY              
Eddie Bauer became a household name for quality and classic styling. The designer has a history rich in innovation and scope. Looking for classy quality? Don’t be surprised if you find the Eddie Bauer signature on your car or your cap. Known for their outdoor lifestyle and clothing, Eddie Bauer has branched into a vast selection of Men’s and Women’s casual wear providing style and class for all of their clientele. The Queens clothing store continues with these ideals by showcasing the vast selection of merchandise designed by Eddie Bauer. Shirts, pants, polos, sweaters, swimwear, jeans, jackets and more have all been meticulously designed. It only takes shopping once to become an Eddie Bauer fan for life. After all, you have to come back for their shoes, bags, accessories… Redesigning your home? Eddie Bauer has begun a line of bedding and home ware so enjoy Eddie in the comfort of your own home. Eddie Bauer is an American icon and continues to produce the highest of quality merchandise. If in Queens, stop into Eddie Bauer and see why they continue to thrive today as they have for the last ninety years.
Diane von Furstenberg, North America
  874 Washington St. - Manhattan - New York, NY              
Belgian born Diane von Furstenberg made fashion history with her signature jersey wrap dresses upon her arrival in New York City in 1972. Presently, the internationally-recognized DVF brand encompasses fashion, fine jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and fragrance. DVF, the collection, is sold in the most exclusive retail stores in over 50 countries including in the freestanding Diane von Furstenberg the Shop in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Antwerp. Her headquarters in New York City’s meatpacking district also include a theater space which has become a center for creativity and a launch pad for young artists.
Alpana Bawa, North America
  70 E. First Street - Manhattan - New York, NY              
Victoria's Secret, North America
  31-35 STEINWAY ST. - Queens - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer5' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=victoriassecret'></iframe id='palyer5'>
There is no secret where you should shop for sexy and alluring lingerie and women’s intimate apparel. Only one NYC clothing store provides the best: Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret is a New York City clothing boutique that has remained classy in the world of lingerie by maintaining a sense of sophistication and elegance and upholding the high quality synonymous with its brand. VS mails over 400 million copies of their catalog to customers knowing that the true shopping experience only happens by touching the real thing. Shopping at the Queens store gives you allows you to truly appreciate the time and effort put into the design of their quality merchandise. Victoria’s Secret sells bras, panties, hosiery, beauty products, sleepwear, and more all while offering the best advice and service money can buy. Victoria’s Secret also refuses to rely on cheap gimmickry or celebrity endorsements. Instead, they showcase their lovely designer collections as enhancements to woman’s natural beauty. This Queens clothing store is a breath of fresh air from a quality driven company unsurpassed by anyone in the industry. If you are looking for a great service environment, or just that sexy gift for a loved one, visit Victoria’s Secret and experience why it is held in such high regard.
Liz Claiborne, North America
  650 Fifth Avenue at 52nd Street - New York, NY              
Liz Claiborne is a Belgian-born fashion designer. She immigrated to the United States in 1939, and was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended St. Timothy's, a boarding school then in Catonsville, Maryland. Rather than finishing high school, she went to Europe to study art. In 1949, she won the Jacques Heim National Design Contest, and then moved to New York City where she worked as a sketch artist at the sportswear house Tina Leser. She worked as a designer for Dan Keller and Youth Group Inc., before starting her own design company, Liz Claiborne Inc., in 1976. The firm grew from its origins designing affordable active sportswear for women and is now a multi billion-dollar enterprise. Source
Complexo B, South America
  Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 414 lj.209 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
“Em 1994 iniciou-se a trajetória do Comlexo B, uma camisaria e blusaria em Copacabana, onde a idéia era não confrontar o jeans, mas, oferecer um complemento para ele. Não faziam questão de ser o primeiro, mas de ser uma das primeiras alternativas. Em 1997 participaram da Babilônia Feira Hype e Mercado Mundo Mix, com suas calças xadrezes e camisas estampadas, num look totalmente cafajeste carioca. Em 2000 ganharam o prêmio Novos Designs, evento antecessor do Fashion Rio e logo a seguir, repercussão nacional. Em 2005 chegaram à Europa. A marca propõe um estilo com muito humor e alto astral, para fugir do básico. Esse embate contra a mesmice vem encarnado pela figura do guerreiro São Jorge, ícone da marca. Axé para quem é de Ache, Amém para quem é de Amém, Shalon para quem é de Shalon e Saravá para quem é de Sarava.”
OshKosh B-Gosh Store, North America
  586 5th Avenue - New York, NY              
From the cutest dresses to their patented overalls, OshKosh B-Gosh is an American institution and the number one store for fashionable children’s apparel. Shopping in time Square? Well, resting in the heart of New York’s famous 5th Avenue, OshKosh offers a wide variety of merchandise for children of all ages. Originally founded in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1895, OshKosh B-Gosh was primarily an adult work clothes manufacturer that developed a set of bibbed overalls for children to look like their fathers. As time went on, OshKosh began to sell their wares through department stores and filled in a gap by bringing a sense of fashion not readily available to children’s clothing. With now over one hundred outlet stores available in the United States, this New York city clothing storehas become synonymous with quality children’s ware and continues to lead the world in their innovative designs and family friendly methods. With their groundbreaking clothing for babies and extensive selections of shirts, pants, sweaters and jeans and shoes, it is easy to see why OskKosh B-Gosh is such a popular Manhattan clothing store, ideal for all parents to visit.
R.Groove, South America
  Rua Francisco Otaviano, 67 lj.19 - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Criada em 2007 pelo festejado designer de moda Rique Gonçalves, a R.Groove, presença marcante nas últimas edições do Fashion Rio Negócios, nasceu da vontade de unir arte, moda e comportamento urbano. Sua linguagem é traduzida em estampas, shapes e tecnologia têxtil, que entram em suas coleções com uma proposta divertida e descolada para a moda masculina, caindo no gosto de críticos e amantes do gênero.
As roupas da grife podem ser encontradas na multimarcas conceito Hospedaria Carioca em Ipanema e nas lojas U2 Rio Sul e Barrashopping
Beacon's Closet, North America
  220 Fifth Avenue - Brooklin - New York, NY              
In New York City shopping? This clothing destination is a must. From a 900 square foot humble clothing store to one of the pinnacle’s of fashion acclaim, Beacon’s Closet has rocked the New York clothing scene and established itself as one of the best the seven boroughs has to offer. Located on famous Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn clothing store Beacon’s Closet goes beyond the clothing norm by offering a variety of vintage favorites and modern influences. Offering name brand shoes, shirts, pants and accessories, Brooklyn fashion emporium gives you the feeling of being at a friend’s home and looking in their closet to see where they shop and what fabulous deals they found. With coverage in several nationally received fashion journals and receiving two ‘best of’ awards from the New York newspapers the NY Press and the Village Voice, Beacon’s Closet has quickly won over the hearts of consumers due to its quirky nature and fun-loving atmosphere. As reported, Beacon’s Closet is known as just having “the best stuff” and it appeals to everyone looking to look great, pay less and have a great shopping experience. Come and rub shoulders with the residents and visitors in the know.
Strawberry Stores, North America
  901 Avenue Of The Americas - Manhattan - New York, NY              
New York clothing stores come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Strawberry is happy to let everyone know that they give the best bargain for the highest quality merchandise. Professional shoppers and amateur bargain hunters mark their maps with a big red strawberry to make sure they visit this bastion of bargains. The Strawberry Store located in the heart of Manhattan is no exception. With their extensive collections of jewelry, accessories and more, Strawberry is one of New York's leading retailers of fashion clothing, specializing in popular priced junior, junior plus and misses clothing. Strawberry prides themselves on being able to offer “Up-to-the Minute” fashions on a daily basis with brand names selling at a fraction of the department store prices. Come downtown to Manhattan often because each day, this mega bargain fashion clothing store boasts clearance pricing on a variety of top flight merchandise which gives the consumers an opportunity to look great for less. For a great deal, a fantastic atmosphere and a wonderful shopping experience, stop in at the Strawberry Store and see why it is one of Manhattan’s premier clothing outlets.
Hugo Boss, North America
  132 Greene Street - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer12' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=HUGOBOSSTV'></iframe id='palyer12'>
Shopping at Manhattan’s Hugo Boss clothing store is one opportunity you cannot miss. Experience the very best in Manhattan fashions and German luxury ware at this premier New York City location. Specializing in both high-end and casual men and women’s clothing, Hugo Boss maintains a level of excellence and dedication from years of experience. The fashion design collection has created a variety of in-house brands to better suit their individual customer needs., including Boss Black a line of classic clothing, Boss Orange, denim based casual wear, Boss Selection, higher priced clothing aimed at a more mature market, Boss Green, which offers a golf-style active wear collection, and finally Hugo, a more European and contemporary fashion line. The fashions at Hugo Boss are not just limited to clothing, however, as their marketing and licensing agreements have opened up a vast selection of merchandise, including agreements with Samsung for cell phones, C.W.F. Children Worldwide Fashion SAS for a creative children's clothing line, Procter & Gamble Prestige for designer fragrances and skincare, Movado for watches, and Safilo to manufacture sunglasses and eyewear. With incredible selections, phenomenal quality and a history of satisfaction, Manhattan’s Hugo Boss is one of the top spots to shop in New York City.
Sensória, South America
  Estr. Francisco da Cruz Nunez, 6501, 1o piso - Itaipú Multicenter - Niterói, RJ              
Nossos produtos nunca são testados em animais. Usamos ingredientes naturais auto-sustentáveis de origem controlada, com laudos técnicos que garantem a pureza dos mesmos. Além disso, utilizamos madeiras de reflorestamento na arquitetura de nossas lojas. Nossas embalagens são recicláveis.
Thrüston, South America
  R: Cel. Moreira César, 229, lj 218 - Shopping Icaraí - Niterói, RJ              
Moda feminina.
Giorgio Armani, North America
  760 Madison Avenue - Madison Avenue - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer15' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=ARMANI'></iframe id='palyer15'>
The Armani signature label is the most expensive Armani label and is available in its 75 worldwide boutiques. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org
Forever 21, North America
  568 Broadway - Soho - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer16' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=forever21inc'></iframe id='palyer16'>
Celebrated by many style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers, Forever 21 has quickly become the source for the most current fashions at the greatest value.
Forever 21 is growing quickly, featuring new and exciting store environments, a constant flow of fun and creative clothing designs and the accessories to make your look come together at the right price.
XPTO, South America
  Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 268 lj.B - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Surgida nos primeiros anos da década de noventa, a concepção da marca está intimamente ligada ao desejo de lançar no cenário da moda carioca uma nova grife que pudesse aliar estilo, qualidade e preço a um público que se mostrava cada vez mais exigente. Promovendo auto-estima, dissipando o espírito das ruas e o desejo da carioca em viver bem, a XPTO tem demonstrado ser a grande companheira da mulher nesses poucos mais de dez anos, tornando-se parceira em sua evolução diária na ânsia permanente em sua atualização. XPTO, realizando desejos!
Plein Sud, North America
  70 Greene Street - Manhattan - New York, NY              
Iceberg Army & Navy, North America
  455 Broadway - Manhattan - New York, NY              
Chloé, North America
  850 Madison Avenue - Madison Avenue - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer20' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/?listType=user_uploads&list=Chloe'></iframe id='palyer20'>
Returning after a season's maternity leave, Phoebe sent out a collection with crisp new shapes, proportions and vigour. A line dresses and stiffer couture fabrics were used with flares from the shoulder, and swinging skirts with models on great chunky platform shoes. Sixties ruffled skirts (so popular this season) were intricately worked in crunchy embroidery, organza applique and frills. Lots of new accessories like handbags were seen this season. Source
Forever 21, North America
  1540 Broadway - Times Square - New York, NY              
<iframe id='palyer21' title="Forever 21 - YouTube video player" width="250" height="190" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/mpYYDIyZ6HA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe id='palyer21'>
Apparel, shoes and accessories.
Marshalls, North America
  Bay Plaza Shopping Center - 2100 Bartow Ave - Bronx, NY              
<iframe id='palyer22' width="280" height="160" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vTM_ES1F25o?controls=0" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe id='palyer22'>
Nestled in the Bay Plaza Shopping Center is a New York City clothing store that is more than just a discount store; it is an off-price retailer. Marshall’s slogan of “never pay full price for fabulous” is based on their philosophy surrounding the clothing industry. Marshall’s has a knack for picking up surplus designer clothing and then offering it back to the consumer at a fraction of the original retail cost allowing everyone to look great and not break the bank in order to do so. Marshall’s vast collection of brand name fashion and accessories is so wide and all encompassing that they literally have something for everyone in their Bronx clothing store. Men’s wear, women’s wear, kids’ wear, shoes, accessories, luggage and more are all offered by this NYC bargain shopping emporium. Even better is that everything they sale is given at the same awesome discounts. Couple these bargains with a staff that is here to solely to serve you and I know you will find yourself in an extremely friendly and gratifying shopping experience. Marshall’s is a Bronx clothing store that is a cut above the rest and attracts the masses for its selection, dedication and cost viability.
Opção, South America
  Rua XV de Novembro, 8 - Plaza Shopping - Niterói, RJ              
Há mais de 30 anos levando moda ao público jovem, a Opção, marca já conhecida pelos apaixonados por jeans, está cada vez mais moderna. Agora, também conta com moda infantil, praia, underwear e acessórios.
Daniella Martins, South America
  Rua Dias Ferrira, 64 sl.204 - Leblon - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
As criações de Daniella Martins fogem do comum sem cair no fantasioso. Reconhecida por suas mãos hábeis e criatividade forte, Daniella trabalha o tecido plano, desenvolve estampas exclusivas. São acessórios e peças de vestir feitas artesanalmente com cuidados e caprichos que explicam porque seus produtos contam com número de série e poucas repetições. Sua proposta é o essencial, o quase único, em tecidos nobres e matérias primas de alta qualidade. Daniella continua desenvolvendo seus trabalhos no ateliê do Jardim Botânico, mas, em fevereiro de 2008, inaugurou um Espaço charmoso no elegante bairro do Leblon. Suas criações são encontradas nas melhores multimarcas do Brasil e em endereços na Inglaterra, Rússia, Alemanha, França, Grécia, Cairo e Kwait.
Siciliao, South America
  Rua XV de Novembro, 8, 1o piso - Plaza Shopping - Niterói, RJ              
Venda de livros nacionas e impoartados. DVDs, CDs, games e papelaria.
Valen, South America
  Rua Marques de São Vicente, 52 lj.234 - Gávea - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Com atmosfera chique e despojada, a multimarcas Valen, das irmãs Marta Lahtermahee Renata Franco, iniciou suas atividades em 2008 no Shopping da Gávea.
A marca oferece roupas e acessórios perfeitos para serem usados no melhor estilo hi-lo: tem desde vestidos de couro sofisticados da estilista carioca Patrícia Viera, as bolsas da Muggia, os sapatos da grife paulistana Tão Galeria, os tricôs da Gig, as bijuterias e as românticas lingeries de tule de Juliana Jabour, calçados de Polliganno Al Maré, até camisetas da californiana Junk Food.
Outras grifes encontradas na loja: Carina Duek, JJ por Juliana Jabour, Isabela Giobbi, Second Floor, John John e a linha de produtos Valen, que dá nome a loja.
Danae, South America
  Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 270 lj.201-E - Leblon - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
As irmãs Camila e Mariana Alvarez, responsáveis pela marca, fazem uma moda com a cara da mulher moderna, sem esquecer a ousadia e a bossa carioca. Roupas produzidas em pequenas quantidades, são perfeitas para um dia de sol com termômetros nas alturas, como também, para dias mais fresquinhos.
A marca é quase despretensiosa ao misturar vários estilos em uma só coleção. Reunindo em um mesmo espaço o que acontece de melhor na moda brasileira, mistura-se couros, estampas, lenços, sedas, sem esquecer dos toques artesanais, o que faz da Danae uma das opções mais despojada e charmosa da cidade.
My Place, South America
  Av. Maracanã, 987 lj. 0023/24 - Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A My Place, nascida em 1994, na charmosa Feirinha de Teresópolis da empresária Vanessa Rodrigues, ex Mith, além de brindar as cariocas com roupa casual de apurado design e acabamento, utiliza-se de estratégias de aproximação com as clientes utilizando moderno ferramental de telemarketing ativo. As vendedoras da marca mantêm contato estreito com as clientes no pós venda, com resultados supreendentes; 70% das que recebem a ligação retornam à loja, retribuindo o mimo recebido e acabam adquirindo outros produtos da grife.
Lojas RJ: Shopping Rio Sul, Barra Shopping, Norte Shopping, Centro, Shopping Tijuca, Plaza Shopping Niterói, Teresópolis Shopping Center.
Nag Nag, South America
  Rua Nascimento Silva, 309 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Fashionistas por natureza, as primas Carolina Buffara e Tatiana Bonaparte, garimpam com prazer para suas clientes e amigas o que há de melhor nas araras internacionais e na moda nacional. A multimarcas Nag Nag está localizada num charmoso casarão em Ipanema. Nas araras da loja, uma seleção criteriosa de designers brasileiros renomados como Adriana Degreas, Filhas de Gaya, Amapô, Bianca Ranucci, Cris Barros, Is/bella,J ohn John Jeans, Lolitta, TalieNK, Tarântula, Naspoleão Lacerda, Luciana Galeão, entre outras. Os acessórios da Nag Nag são exclusivos, sendo as bolsas uma parceria com Laura Lima e os sapatos com Tao Galeria. Linhas próprias: Nag Nag Jewelry, Nag Nag Basic e Nag Nag Shoes.
Chapeaux, South America
  Rua da Quitanda, 68 lj.102 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A Chapeaux, tradicional marca no mercado demoda do Rio de Janeiro, veste a mulher carioca com coleções elaboradas, de bom gosto com design sempre atualizado, consoante aos freqüentes movimentos do cenário da moda nacional e internacional, sem esquecer o compromisso de contemporaneidade sempre presente em suas peças. Um dos focos principais da empresa é apresentar grade de numeração acima dos padrões vigentes visando atingir um nicho de mercado desprezado pela maioria das grifes. A Chapeaux, disponibiliza serviço que atende clientes a distância de forma segura e ágil. Lojas em Ipanema e Centro 1 e 2.