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Gazeta do Povo, South America

   - Paraná, PR              
Economia, Esportes, Educação, Últimas Notícias, Edição do Dia, Opinião, Charges, Colunistas, Cinema, Saúde, Turismo e muito mais.
Jornal da Nação, South America
   - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
O Jornal da Nação é novo veículo de comunicação do Flamengo. O periódico irá se dedicar aos comentários de internautas que navegam na comunidade oficial do clube no Orkut. Custará Cr$ 0,50 nas bancas de jornais.
Jornal do Comércio, South America
  Av. João Pessoa, 1282 - Porto Alegre - Porto Alegre, RS              
Há 76 anos o Jornal do Comércio surgia com objetivo de fazer um jornalismo voltado para o setor econômico do Rio Grande do Sul. Presente no dia-a-dia de empresários, executivos e profissionais liberais, o JC é respeitado pelo conteúdo sério e comprometido com as pessoas de decisão. Nesse tempo, criou cadernos e eventos de credibilidade e respeito no mercado, sempre atento às novas tecnologias, qualificação profissional e o controle de qualidade para oferecer um produto cada vez melhor. E assim estar sempre próximo de seus leitores e anunciantes. Com 76 anos de atividades ininterruptas, o Jornal do Comércio é hoje um dos mais tradicionais e respeitados veículos da imprensa gaúcha.
Peninsula Clarion, North America
   - Kenai, AK              
Started in 1970 as a strident little weekly that editorialized on all its pages. It was purchased by Dick Morgan, Max Swearingen and Pat O'Connell in 1970. In its early years it was printed in a building one former editor described as a "cubicle" in Old Town Kenai next door to one of that area's bars.
The paper continued to grow, eventually moving to its present location on Trading Bay Drive and converting in 1978 from a weekly to a Monday through Friday publication. A major change ocurred in 1990 when the paper was sold to Georgia-based newspaper chain, Morris Communications.
In the years since then the paper has changed from tabloid format to broad sheet and in 1997 started publishing a Sunday edition. The Clarion started producing its web site edition in April 2000.
Hartford Courant, The, North America
   - Hartford,               
Business, Connecticut, Investing, Nation & World, Politics, Sports , Technology and more.
O Estado de S. Paulo, South America
   - São Paulo, SP              
O mais antigo dos jornais da cidade de São Paulo ainda em circulação . Em 4 de janeiro de 1875, ainda durante o Império, circulava pela primeira vez “A Província de S. Paulo” - seu nome original. Somente em janeiro de 1890, após o estabelecimento de uma nova nomenclatura para as unidades da federação pela República, receberia sua atual designação.
O jornal foi fundado por 16 pessoas reunidas por Manoel Ferraz de Campos Salles e Américo Brasiliense, concretizando uma proposta de criação de um diário republicano surgida durante a realização da Convenção Republicana de Itu, com o propósito de combater a monarquia e a escravidão.
Statesman Journal, North America
   - Salem, OR              
Since the first edition of the Statesman Journal's predecessors rolled off the press more than 150 years ago, our mission has remained the same: to be the mid-Willamette Valley's primary source for local news and advertising information.
The Statesman Journal is the largest news-gathering organization in the mid-Willamette Valley, focused solely on keeping readers informed about the events and people in their communities. Plus, our local news Web site keeps you informed on breaking news as it happens, 24 hours a day.
Irish Voice, North America
  432 Park Avenue South - New York, NY              
Irish news is the meat and potatoes of IrishCentral.com. News from Ireland and from all the homes of the global Irish in the United States and around the Irish world.
Jornal da Cidade, South America
   - Sergipe, SE              
"O mais completo de Sergipe"
Queens Tribune, North America
  174-15 Horace Harding Expwy - New York, NY              
The Queens Tribune is a free weekly newspaper founded as the monthly Flushing Tribune in February 1970 by Gary Ackerman. It is based in Fresh Meadows. The Tribune is a member of the New York Press Association.
Every month, the newspaper issues a special edition that focuses on a given topic. Recurring examples include the Best of Queens, Arts & Culture, Blue Book, Gay Pride, and Community Characters editions. Source
Denver Post, North America
   - Denver, CO              
Politics, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and more.
Clarion Ledger, North America
   - Jackson, MS              
The newspaper's roots trace back to 1837 in Jasper County, where The Eastern Clarion began. Later that year it was sold and moved to Meridian. After the Civil War, it was moved to Jackson and merged with The Standard and soon became known as The Clarion. Combining with the State Ledger in 1888, it received the name of Daily Clarion-Ledger.
Meanwhile, four young men who were displaced by the merger founded their own newspaper, The Jackson Evening Post, in 1882. Fred Sullens purchased an interest in the paper in 1907, and shortly after changed the name to the Jackson Daily News.
Rockford Register Star, North America
   - Rockford, IL              
Business, entertainment, classifieds and more.
Staten Island Advance, North America
  950 Fingerboard Road - New York, NY              
The Staten Island Advance is a daily newspaper published in the borough of Staten Island in New York City. It is the only daily newspaper published in the borough and the largest by circulation, covering news of local and community interest in the borough, including borough politics.
The Advance was created in 1886 by printer John J. Crawford and businessman James C. Kennedy as the Richmond County Advance. The name was changed to the Daily Advance before the current name. When the Advance began there were nine competing daily newspapers in Staten Island. The circulation of the Advance surpassed its early competitors, and the circulation grew from 4,500 in 1910, to over 80,000 by the mid 1990s. Source
New York Observer, The, North America
  915 Broadway, 9th Floor - New York, NY              
The New York Observer is a weekly newspaper first published in New York City on September 22, 1987, by Arthur L. Carter, a very successful former investment banker with publishing interests. The Observer focuses on the city's culture, real estate, the media, politics and the entertainment and publishing industries.
The New York Observer asserts to advertisers that it delivers Manhattan’s most affluent, educated and influential consumers, with the average net worth of its readership exceeding $1.7 million and 96% of readers being college graduates. It has a paid circulation of 51,000. The Observer operates several blogs: The Politicker, the Daily Transom, the Media Mob, and the Real Estate. Source
Barron's Online, North America
  Dow Jones & Company - New York, NY              
Barron’s is an American financial magazine known for its market-moving stories. With new content available every week in print and every business day online, Barron’s provides readers with a comprehensive review of the market’s recent activity coupled with in-depth, sophisticated reports on what’s likely to happen in the market in the days and weeks to come. Source
San Diego Reader, North America
  1703 India Street - San Diego, CA              
The first issue of the San Diego Reader came out on October 4, 1972. The 12-page black-and-white tabloid was laid out on the dining room table of a 1-bedroom apartment on Mission Boulevard in Mission Beach, and 20,000 copies were printed at Western Offset on State and Market streets.
Deseret Morning News, North America
  55 North 300 West - Salt Lake City, UT              
Three years after Brigham Young led Mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, the first issue of the Deseret News was pulled off a small hand-cranked press. This eight-page newspaper was the first published in what was then called the territory of Deseret.
Although the state of Utah has long-since replaced the old territory, the Deseret News retained its original name. In 2003 the paper switched to morning delivery and today the Deseret News is published daily as Utah's oldest — but most modern — newspaper.
Over the years, the Deseret News has earned hundreds of awards for writing, reporting, design and community service, including the Pulitzer Prize.
Florida Times-Union, North America
  1 Riverside Ave. - Jacksonville, FL              
News, Health & Fitness, Politics & Government, Sports, Money, Real Estate, Small Business, Entertainment and more.
Topeka Capital-Journal, North America
   - Topeka, KS              
News, sports, life, opinion and more.
Birminghan News, The, North America
   - Birminghan, AL              
Committed to providing engaging news coverage and insightful commentary to the people living in Alabama's largest metropolitan area. Readers use The Birmingham News to gain knowledge and understanding about an exceptional range of information. From world, national, state and local news to business, culture, technology, religion, style, food, health, homes and more, the coverage in The Birmingham News is as diverse as its readers.
Jornal do Commercio, South America
  Rua do Imperador D. Pedro II, 346 - 4º andar - Santo Antonio - Recife, PE              
O Jornal do Commercio completou, neste dia 3 de abril de 2006, 87 anos de existência, um projeto que se consolida com força cada vez maior no mercado editorial pernambucano. Além de comemorar 14 anos de liderança em circulação no Estado, o JC ostenta credibilidade, conquistas e transformações positivas. Em menos de um ano mudou de sede, modernizou-se, acumulou prêmios e investiu em projetos inovadores, dentro da filosofia do Sistema Jornal do Commercio de Comunicação de colocar Pernambuco em primeiro lugar.
Jornal Zona Oeste, South America
   - Campo Grande - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A Tribuna, South America
   - Litoral Paulista, SP              
Baixada Santista, Esportes, Economia, Brasil, Galeria, Polícia, Porto, Santos F.C e muito mais.
Correio de Sergipe, South America
   - Aracaju, SE              
Editorial, politica e variedades.
Jornal de Brasília, South America
  SIG, Qd.01, Lote 635, 128 - Brasília, DF              
Notícias, Esportes, Cultura, Classificados, Concursos, Blogs e mais.
A Crítica de Campo Grande, South America
   - Campo Grande, MS              
O jornal A Crítica integra o Grupo Feitosa de Comunicação, que congrega ainda uma rede de emissoras de rádio. É dirigido pelo empresário e jornalista Luiz Carlos Feitosa, um dos seus fundadores. Circula aos domingos desde 1º de agosto de 1980. Ao longo desses 30 anos de circulação ininterrupta evoluiu de uma tiragem inicial de 2 mil para os atuais 15 mil exemplares. O jornal que por alguns anos teve sua impressão terceirizada, tem hoje um dos maiores e modernos parques gráficos do Estado.
Revista Piauí, South America
  Rua do Russel, 270 - Glória - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Publicação pertencente aos irmãos Walter e João Moreira Salles. Revista ao estilo jornalismo literário com crônicas, perfis e diários; linha editorial foca, preferencialmente, temas nacionai, traz reportagens de interesse geral tratadas por grandes nomes da imprensa e da literatura brasileira. Os editores da revista justificam o nome 'Piauí' como sonoro, divertido, sendo uma escolha natural de toda a equipe.
Correio do Povo, South America
   - Porto Alegre, RS              
O portal de notícias dos gaúchos. Economia, política, esportes, opinião, arte, agenda, serviços, especiais e Multimídia. Notícias do RS, Brasil e do mundo.
Cinform Online, South America
  Rua Porto da Folha, 1116 - Bairro Getúlio Vargas - Aracaju, SE              
Independência e Credibilidade.