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Booth Theatre, North America

  222 West 45th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
The Booth Theatre is a legitimate Broadway theatre located at 222 West 45th Street in midtown-Manhattan, New York City.
The venue was the second New York City theatre to bear this name. The first was built by Booth himself in 1869 on the corner of 23rd Street and 6th Avenue.
The Booth Theatre appeared in the West Wing episode Posse Comitatus. It hosted a fictitous charity performance of War of the Roses which an equally fictitious President Bartlett attended while pondering the planned assassination of the Quamari Defence Minister. Source
Apollo Theater, North America
  253 West 125th Street - Harlem - New York, NY              
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Yesterday…A place where thousands of young artists have stepped out into the spotlight and launched their careers. A place "where stars are born and legends are made." The legendary Apollo Theater is so much more than an historic landmark - it is a source of pride and a symbol of the brilliance of American artistic achievement. From 1934 when the Apollo first introduced its world-famous Amateur Night which launched the careers of legendary artists like Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, Michael Jackson, D'Angelo and Lauryn Hill, the Apollo has maintained its position as the nation's most popular arena for emerging and established black and Latino performers.
Teatro Gláucio Gill, South America
  Praça Cardeal Arco Verde s/n - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A partir da adaptação de um auditório da Escola Municipal Dom Aquino Corrêa, feita por um grupo que deixou o Tablado (Fábio Sabag, Germano Filho e Cláudio Correa e Castro), o Gláucio Gill foi inaugurado com nome de Teatro da Praça.
A homenagem ao ator Gláucio Gill ocorreu durante o governo Carlos Lacerda.
Hollywood Bowl, North America
  2301 North Highland Avenue - Hollywood, CA              
One of the largest natural amphitheaters in the world, with a current seating capacity of just under 18,000, the Hollywood Bowl has been the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic since its official opening in 1922, and, in 1991 gave its name to a resident ensemble that has filled a special niche in the musical life of Southern California, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.
New Amsterdam Theatre, North America
  Broadway & 42nd Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
Based on P.I. Travers cherished stories and the classic 1964 Walt Disney film, Mary Poppins features the Sherman brothers original Academy Award-winning songs. The show has been created, in collaboration with Cameron Mackintosh, by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes, who has written the book, and the Olivier Award-winning team of George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, who have composed new songs and additional music and lyrics.
Olivier Award-winning director Richard Lyre leads a dream team of vision and stagecraft bringing to life the story of the Banks family and their magical nanny. Co-direction and choreography is by Olivier Award-winner Matthew Bourne, set and costume design is by Tony Award winner Bob Crowley, co-choreography is by Olivier Award-winner Stephen Mear, and lighting design is by Olivier Award-winner Howard Harrison.
Teatro Shopping Frei Caneca, South America
  Rua Frei Caneca, 569 - 6º andar - Consolação - ,               
O Teatro Shopping Frei Caneca tem um dos maiores palcos de teatro do Brasil e sua infra-estrutura permite receber espetáculos simultâneos e dos mais variados seguimentos, prosa, musica, dança, entre outros, além de ter toda a infra-estrutura para receber eventos coorporativos de todos os seguimentos. Confira em nosso histórico, na pagina "histórico de espetáculos" o que já realizamos desde nossa inauguração e também nossa "ficha técnica" com todos a estrutura e equipamentos que o teatro disponibiliza para realização de seus espetáculos e eventos.
Espaço Cultural Juca Chaves, South America
  Rua João Cachoeira, 899 - Itaim Bibi - São Paulo, SP              
Capacidade para 350 pessoas.
Gershwin Theatre, North America
  222 West 51st Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
The George Gershwin Theatre is a legitimate Broadway theatre located at 222 West 51st Street in midtown-Manhattan.
Designed in an Art Nouveau style by set designer Ralph Alswang, it is situated on the lower levels of a towering office complex built on the side of the historical Capitol Theatre. It opened as the Uris Theatre on November 28, 1972 with the musical Via Galactica starring Raul Julia. It proved to be an inauspicious start for the venue, closing after only seven performances. From 1974-76 it served as a concert hall for limited engagements by a number of legendary pop music and jazz performers.
It was the first theatre constructed in New York City since 1928. With a seating capacity of 1933, it presently is the largest theatre on Broadway, with the exception of the New York State Theatre at Lincoln Center and New York City Center.
A Theatre Hall of Fame located in the lobby is a popular gathering place for audience members pre-show and during intermission. Source
Teatro Raimundo Magalhães Junior, South America
  Av. Presidente Wilson, 203 - Castelo - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
O Teatro Raimundo Magalhães Junior, patrocinado pela Petrobrás e estabelecido no prédio da Academia Brasileira de Letras é um espaço de médio porte, aconchegante e confortável. É uma justa homenagem ao imortal cearense, jornalista, biógrafo e teatrólogo, eleito em 1956 para a cadeira nº 34 na sucessão de D. Aquino Corrêa. O Espaço apresenta além de peças teatrais, espetáculos de MPB muito concorridos.
Center for Performing Arts, North America
  661 Route 308 - Rhinebeck, NY              
The Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck (known familiarly as The CENTER, and legally as Rhinebeck Performing Arts, Inc. or RPA) is a non-profit arts organization which offers performances and classes throughout the year. Performing and teaching artists are of local, national and international talent.
The Center serves as a regular performance venue for local theater companies including CENTERstage Productions (Death of a Salesman, Cabaret, My Fair Lady) the Gilbert & Sullivan Musical Theater Company (The Mikado, A Little Night Music, The Pirates of Penzance), Kids on Stage (Cinderella, The Emperor's New Clothes), Rhinebeck Theater Society (HONK!, The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged, Oliver!), and Up In One Productions (Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof, The Wizard of Oz). The CENTER also hosts appearances by artists such as Jeff Boyer, Brian Bradley, Elaine Colandrea, Alpin Hong, Kitty Jones, Jeff McBride, The Puppet People, Solas an Lae, Tanglewood Marionettes, Pitchfork Militia, Barbara Rankin, and David Temple, to name a few.
Teatro Bibi Ferreira, South America
  Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antônio, 931 - Bela Vista - São Paulo, SP              
Site em processo de reformulação.
Winter Garden Theatre, North America
  1634 Broadway at 50th Street - Theater District - New York, NY              
Playwing this winter 2013: Mamma Mia! The world-wide smash Mamma Mia! is a heartwarming and funny new musical. On the eve of a wedding, a mother and daughter are suprised by the arrival of three men, one of whom may be the girl's father. You don't have to be a fan of the supergroup ABBA, who provided the 23 hit songs for Mamma Mia! to fall in love with this unforgettable new show, that will have you dancing in the aisles!
The Winter Garden Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 1634 Broadway in midtown-Manhattan. Architect William Albert Swasey converted the former American Horse Exchange into a theatre for the Shuberts when they acquired the property. The fourth New York City venue to be christened the Winter Garden, it opened on March 10, 1911 with the early Jerome Kern musical La Belle Paree.
It was completely remodeled in 1922 by Herbert J. Krapp. The large stage is wider than those in most Broadway houses, and the proscenium arch is relatively low. The building is situated uniquely on its lot, with the main entrance and marquee, located on Broadway, connected to the 1530-seat Seventh Avenue auditorium via a long hallway, and the rear wall of the stage abutting 50th Street. Source
Teatro Renaissance, South America
  Alameda Santos, 2233 - Jardins - São Paulo, SP              
Capacidade de 466 pessoas.
Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, North America
  242 West 45th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
The Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre is a legitimate Broadway theatre located at 242 West 45th Street in midtown-Manhattan.
Designed by architect Herbert J. Krapp, it opened as the Royale Theatre on January 11, 1927 with a musical entitled Piggy. John Golden leased and renamed the theatre for himself from 1932 to 1937, when the Shubert Organization assumed ownership and leased the theater to CBS Radio until 1940, when it was restored to its original use and name. On May 9, 2005, it was renamed for longtime Shubert Organization president Bernard B. Jacobs. Source
Shubert Theatre, North America
  225 West 44th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
The Shubert Theatre is a legitimate Broadway theatre located at 225 West 44th Street in midtown-Manhattan, New York, United States.
Designed by architect Henry B. Herts, it was named after Sam S. Shubert, the oldest of the three brothers of the theatrical producing family. It shares a Venetian Renaissance facade with the adjoining Booth Theatre, which was constructed at the same time, although the two have distinctly different interiors. It opened on October 21, 1913 with a series of Shakespearean plays, including Othello, Hamlet, and The Merchant of Venice, staged by the Forbes-Robertson Repertory Company.
The theatre's most famous and longest tenant was A Chorus Line, with a run of 6137 performances lasting nearly fifteen years.
The top floor of the building houses the offices of the Shubert Organization. The theatre's auditorium and murals were restored in 1996. It has been designated a New York City landmark. Source
Teatro Maria Della Costa, South America
  Rua Paim, 72 - Bela Vista - São Paulo, SP              
Em outubro de 1954 foi inaugurado o Teatro Maria Della Costa, de propriedade da atriz Maria Della Costa e do empresário Sandro Polloni, que apresentaram como espetáculo de estréia "O Canto da Cotovia"de Jean Anouhil, sob a direção de Gianni Ratto.
24 anos depois, em 1978, a Apetesp - Associação dos Produtores de Espetáculos Teatrais do Estado de São Paulo - durante a gestão do então Presidente Raul Cortez, adquiriu o Teatro Maria Della Costa, com a finalidade específica de prestar maiores benefícios aos seus associados.
17 anos passados, em maio de 1995, o Teatro Maria Della Costa não tinha condições de funcionamento, devido ao estado precário em que se encontrava. Durante a gestão do então Presidente Sérgio D’Antino, o mesmo passou por uma reforma geral, que se estendeu até 1996, tendo sido re-inaugurado com uma grande festa para toda a classe artística no dia 30 de julho de 1996.
Teatro dos Quatro, South America
  Shopping da Gávea - Gávea - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Firmando-se como um teatro de produção, tornou comercialmente viável um repertório que muitos achavam incompatível com o sucesso de uma casa de espetáculos. Mas em meio a isso, foi responsável pelo lançamento de autores ainda desconhecidos no Brasil, e acolhendo apresentações de outras manifestações artísticas que não o teatro, com o sentido de um verdadeiro centro cultural.
Com uma extensa lista de prêmios, suas produções, durante anos, foram reconhecidas e acolhidas por suas excepcionais qualidades. Alem disso o teatro tem hospedado muitos espetáculos de sucesso na cena nacional, sendo até hoje, na opinião dos próprios artistas, um dos teatros preferidos pelas condições que proporciona ao público e às produções.
Teatro Poeira, South America
  Rua São João Batista, 104  - Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
O Teatro Poeira, de propriedade das atrizes Marieta Severo e Andréa Beltrão, pretende ocupar no pequeno e aconchegante espaço, não só preencher a lacuna deixada, desde o fechamento no início dos anos 70, do saudoso Poeira de Ipanema, mas, cumprir seu destino de abrir uma porta para o mundo incluindo todos os personagens, todos os lugares, todas as idéias e todos os sentimentos. É só o começo de uma caminhada.
Teatro Maison de France, South America
  Av. Presidente Antônio Carlos, 58 - Castelo - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
Estréia 10 de Janeiro: A Arte da Comédia - Para começar o ano rindo... e pensando. Ricardo Blat e Thelmo Fernandes fazem uma defesa leve, divertida e apaixonada do teatro, no inédito “A Arte da Comédia”, de Eduardo de Filippo
No dia 10 de janeiro de 2013, o Maison de France será palco para A Arte da Comédia, um dos mais importantes textos do ator, diretor e dramaturgo italiano, Eduardo de Filippo. No espetáculo Ricardo Blat, Thelmo Fernandes e grande elenco mostram o quanto as artes cênicas fazem parte do dia a dia de todos, além de questionarem a relação entre autoridades e artistas. Como bem define o diretor Sergio Módena, “A Arte da Comédia é antes de tudo uma celebração ao teatro e ao ofício do ator. Na peça, o autor, através de uma linguagem popular e, por muitas vezes irônica, demonstra o extremo poder da arte em nossas vidas. Em sua concepção, o teatro pode ser uma grande brincadeira, pode ser político, revolucionário, mas sempre vital à nossa sociedade.” Apesar de um clássico, o texto será encenado no Rio de Janeiro pela primeira vez. Desde sua inauguração, ao inicio dos anos 50, o Teatro Maison de France foi palco dos principais acontecimentos teatrais cariocas e marcou para sempre a vida cultural da cidade.
Em junho de 1985, infelizmente, o teatro fechou suas portas, depois da temporada da peça “A Amante Inglesa” com Paulo Autran e Tônia Carreiro. Esse fechamento foi motivado por razões de segurança, particularmente pelas normas anti-incêndio que estavam obsoletas.
Inaugurado no dia 1 de fevereiro de 2002 pelo Ministro Francês da Francofonia e da Cooperação, o Teatro Maison de France passou a oferecer uma programação variada, com espetáculos de teatro, dança, música, concertos, sessões de cinema, seminários etc...
O teatro também está disponível para empresas que desejam alugar o espaço para reuniões corporativas e seminários profissionais. Por este fim, ele foi dotado de equipamentos de som e luz de última geração.
Depois dessa brilhante reinauguração, o Teatro Maison de France pode se orgulhar de ter acolido espétaculos de prestigios com todos os grandes nomes da dança (Ana Botafogo), da canção (Bibi Ferreira), da opéra ( Barbara Hendricks) e claro do teatro ( Irene Ravache, Marcos Caruso, Natalia Timberg, Pedro Paulo Rangel, Camilla Pitanga ....)
St. James Theatre, North America
  246 West 44th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
Grammy® Award-winning superstar Barry Manilow returns to the Broadway stage for the first time in more than two decades! Don't miss this unprecedented limited engagement as one of our most beloved entertainers performs songs from his massive catalog of hits in an intimate setting at the St. James Theatre on Broadway. From “Mandy” to "I Write the Songs" to "Copacabana (At The Copa)" and so many more, Manilow’s new Broadway show is destined to be as legendary as the man himself.
The St. James Theatre is located at 246 W. 44th St. Broadway, New York City, New York. It was built by Abraham L. Erlanger, theatrical producer and a founding member of the Theatrical Syndicate, on the site of the original Sardi's restaurant. It opened in 1927 as The Erlanger. Upon Erlanger's death in 1930, control of the venue was taken over by the Astor family, who owned the land on which the theatre stood. The Astors renamed it the St. James Theatre.
The theatre was purchased by the Shuberts in the late 1930s. They were forced to sell it to the William L. McKnight in 1957 following the loss of an antitrust case. McKnight renovated the St. James and reopened it in 1958. In 1970, McKnight then transferred the theatre to his daughter Virginia and her husband James H. Binger, who had formed the Jujamcyn Amusement Corporation. Source
Teatro Maria Clara Machado Planetário, South America
  Padre Leonel Franca, 240 - Gávea - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
O teatro foi reinaugurado, com o nome de Teatro Planetário, em janeiro de 1996, com o espetáculo "Amores" de Domingos de Oliveira.Em 2001 o teatro passou a se chamar Teatro Maria Clara Machado em homenagem a esta importante personalidade do teatro brasileiro.
Maria Clara Machado - A segunda de cinco irmãs, a teatróloga Maria Clara Machado cresceu em uma ampla casa no bairro de Ipanema no Rio, em meios a figuras como Pagu, Oswald de Andrade e Di Cavalcanti, amigos de seu pai, e o escritor Aníbal Machado. Ela sempre viveu contradições familiares, o pai era comunista e as filhas educadas em colégios de freiras. Aos 19 anos de idade, Maria Clara decidiu morar em Paris. Voltou apaixonada pelo teatro e com várias idéias de textos na cabeça. Logo montou, com amigos, o Tablado, companhia que revolucionou o teatro infantil e formou dezenas de atores e atrizes.
Ethel Barrymore Theatre, North America
  243 West 47th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
The Ethel Barrymore Theatre is a legitimate Broadway theatre located at 243 West 47th Street in midtown-Manhattan.
Designed by architect Herbert J. Krapp and constructed by the Shuberts, it opened on December 20, 1928 with The Kingdom of God, a play selected by leading lady Ethel Barrymore. Over the next dozen years she returned to star in The Love Duel (1929), Scarlett Sister Mary (1930), The School for Scandal (1931), and An International Incident (1940).
It is the only surviving theatre of the many the Shuberts built for performers who were affiliated with them. It has been used continuously as a legitimate house, unlike many of the older theatres that have been used for a variety of purposes throughout the years. Source
Walter Kerr Theatre, North America
  218 West 48th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
The Heiress is the story of Catherine Sloper, the shy and sheltered daughter of a prominent New Yorker. Caught between the demands of an emotionally distant father and the attentions of a passionate young suitor, Catherine must navigate the terrain of love and regret, desire and duty, a chance for happiness and the burden of fortune…as only an heiress can.
The timeless New York story of society, status and the true cost of love. Jessica Chastain (Academy Award® nominee for The Help) makes her Broadway debut alongside David Strathairn (Academy Award® nominee for Good Night, and Good Luck), Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey) and Judith Ivey (two-time Tony Award® winner), in the Tony Award®-winning play, The Heiress. Written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz and directed by Tony Award® nominated playwright and director Moisés Kaufman, this compelling drama will run for an 18-week limited engagement.
Longacre Theatre, North America
  220 West 48th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
The Longacre Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 220 West 48th Street in midtown Manhattan.
Designed by architect Henry B. Herts, it was named for Longacre Square, the original name for Times Square. The French neo-classical building was constructed by impresario Harry Frazee, better remembered as the owner of the Boston Red Sox who, needing money for his theatrical ventures, sold Babe Ruth's contract to the New York Yankees. A curse allegedly lingers on the theater as a result, and superstitious producers avoid it for fear they'll be backing a flop, as noted by William Golden in his seminal book The Season. Despite the rumor, a large number of performers who have appeared on stage here have taken home a Tony Award for their efforts.
The Longacre's first show was a production of the William Hurlbut-Frances Whitehouse comedy Are You a Crook?, which opened on May 1, 1913. With the exception of its use as a television studio in the mid-1940s to early 1950s, the theatre has operated as a legitimate Broadway venue. Source
Ambassador Theatre, North America
  219 West 49th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY
The Ambassador Theatre is a legitimate Broadway theatre located at 219 West 49th Street in midtown-Manhattan.
Designed by architect Herbert J. Krapp for the Shuberts, the structure is unusual in that it is situated diagonally on its site to fit the maximum number of seats possible. Its external appearance, indistinguishable from many other Broadway houses, does not hint at the strange layout within. The building has been designated a New York City landmark.
The theatre opened on February 11, 1921 with the musical The Rose Girl. The Shuberts sold the property in 1935, and for the next two decades it was used as a movie theater and television studio for NBC and the DuMont Television Network. In 1956 the Shuberts assumed ownership again and returned it to strictly legitimate use. Source
Majestic Theatre, North America
  247 West 44th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
Playing in January 2013: The Phantom Of The Opera. Winner of 7 1988 Tony Awards including Best Musical, The Phantom of the Opera is based on the novel by Gaston Leroux. It tells the story of the hideously deformed Phantom who lurks beneath the stage of the Paris Opera, exercising a reign of terror over its occupants. The phantom falls in love with the young Soprano devoting himself to creating a new star for the Opera by nurturing her extraordinary talents and employing all the skills at his disposal.
The Majestic Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 245 West 44th Street in midtown Manhattan.
An earlier theatre with the same name had been located at 5 Columbus Circle, the present site of the Time-Warner building. Designed in 1903 by John Duncan, the architect of Grant's Tomb, the theatre hosted original musicals, including The Wizard of Oz and Babes in Toyland, and briefly served as a studio for NBC. It was renamed the Park Theatre in 1911 and demolished in 1954. Source
Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, North America
  236 West 45th Street - Theatre District - New York, NY              
The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre is a legitimate Broadway theatre located at 236 West 45th Street in midtown-Manhattan.
Designed by architect Herbert J. Krapp to resemble the neighboring Shubert and Booth theaters designed by Henry B. Herts, the building was constructed by the Shubert brothers in 1917-1918, christened the Plymouth Theatre, and leased to producer Arthur Hopkins. He intended it to be a venue for legitimate plays starring notable actors like John and Lionel Barrymore. The premiere production was A Successful Calamity, a comedy with William Gillette and Estelle Winwood.
After Hopkins died in 1948, control of the theater returned to the Shuberts, who still own the property, which was designated a New York City landmark in 1987. The 1,080-seat house was renamed for Gerald Schoenfeld, chairman of the Shubert Organization, in 2005. Source
Casa da Gávea, South America
  Praça Santos Dummont, 116 - Gávea - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A Casa da Gávea é um empreendimento cultural que dirige suas atividades para o estudo, debate e divulgação das mais variadas formas de arte e cultura e para a produção de espetáculos teatrais, filmes, vídeos, edições de livros, programas de rádio, exposições e shows musicais. No âmbito teatral, as peças produzidas pela Casa da Gávea são levadas em turnês para as mais diferentes regiões do país, onde realizamos atividades paralelas a apresentação dos espetáculos, tais como cursos específicos e práticos sobre a atividade teatral.
Oi Futuro, South America
  Rua Dois de Dezembro, 63 - Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
O Centro Cultural Telemar foi concebido como um espaço de convergência, dedicado à arte, à tecnologia, ao conhecimento, à cidadania. Agora ele passa a se chamar Oi Futuro, igualmente sintonizado com a contemporaneidade voltado para levar o público a viver experiências sensoriais aos seus espaços de visitação, que incluem galerias de arte, teatro, biblioteca e cyber restaurante. A Oi Futuro é um instrumento institucional que tem a missão de colaborar para reduzir as distâncias sociais do Brasil.
Centro Cultural Suassuna, South America
  Av. das Américas, 2603 - Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
O Centro Cultural Suassuna está localizado na Barra da Tijuca. No complexo do CCS são realizados eventos culturais e empresariais, tais como: teatro adulto e infantil, espetáculos de dança, shows, exposições, filmes, congressos, palestras, além de um calendário constante de cursos, wokshops e oficinas. O CCS tem como proposta trazer para adultos e crianças as novidades culturais, o que é aplaudido pela crítica e o que é sucesso entre o público do Rio de Janeiro e do Brasil.
O complexo abriga 2 (dois) teatros com capacidade para 280 pessoas cada um e galeria de arte.