World Travel Agencies

Croatia Travel, North America
32-66 Steinway Street - Queens - Astoria, NY              
Croatia Travel Agency in New York is the gateway to one of the world's best kept secrets, the new Croatia, a small country less than one hour away from Rome and Vienna. With vacation season coming Croatia Travel has already settled on many travel programs for tourists.
We have the best possible fares available from anywhere in the United States to anywhere in Europe. Croatia Travel has been in business for more than 30 years with a long list of clients. Our agents will help you with everything a traveler needs to know, where to stay and where to visit.
Delgado Travel, North America
79-08 Roosevelt Ave. - Jackson Heights - Queens, NY              
Delgado Travel fundada en 1976 es líder en servicios de envíos de dinero, radio y turismo en USA destinado al mercado Latinoamericano, actualmente hemos expandido nuestros negocios brindando servicios de Turismo, Courier, Comunicaciones Telefónicas, Radio y distribución de revistas y diarios Latinoamericanos.
Art Turismo, South America
Avenida Liberdade, 701, cjt 155 - Liberdade - São Paulo, SP              
Passagens aéreas, locação de veículos, reserva de hotéis, congressos e eventos, feiras, viagens de incentivo
Rivas Travel, North America
4321 Broadway Avenue (Cor.184th Street) - Bronx, NY              
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Rivas Travel Agency, fue incorporada in 1978. Los primeros años fueron invertidos creando clientelas fijas mientras se ganaba una posición gerencial con responsabilidad para un negocio fijo y creciente Rivas Travel es una de las mas progresivas agencias dentro de la comunidad dominicana.
La primera agencia de Rivas Travel Agency esta localizada en el alto Manhattan cerca del George Washington Bridge entre 170th west y 171st en Audubon Ave. Para los finales de 1989 una nueva sucursal fue creada en el East de Fordham Road en el area del Bronx, at 2534 Marion Ave.
Cayman Island Tourisim Department, Caribbean
P.O. Box 67 - Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman, KY              
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The defining moment of your Cayman Islands vacation could well be that moment in time when you realise you can do as much … or as little …as you choose.
From beach, to forest reserve, to surf park...from historic building, to bird sanctuary, to submarine there is an incredible array of attractions. Some you would expect to find in an idyllic Caribbean island and some you would not. Here, there really is something for everyone: for every age, for every physical ability and for every interest.
Perfect for the solo adventurer, for the romantic get-a-way or for the “togethering” family...the Cayman Islands has your kind of adventure.
Now all you have to do is choose what it will be.
Transamérica Turismo, South America
Av. Dr Antônio Gouveia 487 - Pajuçara - Maceió, AL              
Venda de Passagens aéreas, Cruzeiros Marítimos, Passagens rodoviárias, Passagens ferroviárias, Excursões de operadoras nacionais e internacionais, Excursões próprias, Grupos de colégios, Congressos e eventos, Atendimento a empresas, reservas de hotéis, automóveis, tickets para shows, musicais, teatros, Serviços de receptivo local, nacional e internacional, Passeios locais, Pacotes aéreos promocionais, assistência aeroportuária, Seguros de viagem, Fretamento de veículos próprios, ônibus, aeronaves, Grupos de incentivo, e outros.
Levo Você Viagens e Turismo, South America
Rua Serra de Bragança 1.851 - Tatuapé - São Paulo, SP              
Viagens nacionais/internacionais, rodoviários/rodoaéreos, ecoturismo, cruzeiros, resorts
Janet Moody Travel, North America
1302 Adee Ave. - Bronx, NY              
Exotic tropical island vacations, luxury and adventure cruises, romantic getaways, honeymoon packages, safaris, and tours. You need a vacation and we're here to help you find the perfect trip. We'll work with you to match your travel interests and your lifestyle with the vacation of your dreams. Contact us today and get packing!
Grupo AVC Turismo, South America
Av. Higienópolis, 583, 16º andar - Londrina - Londrina, PR              
Assessoria de vistos Consulares, pacotes turísticos, passagens aéreas, cruzeiros marítimos, seguro viagem.
Air-Supply Travel, North America
350 5th Avenue - Manhattan - New York, NY              
"More than 95% of our travelers surveyed would recommend our Services to another company. When you choose Air-Supply you have made the smarter choice on savings and the service with every transaction. Our consistent effort to provide the best airfares and practical solutions to everyday travel challenges make an invaluable asset."
Empress Travel Agency, North America
1116 154th St - Queens, NY              
Khury Tours & Travel, North America
208 W 233rd St - Bronx, NY              
Khury Tours & Travel, Inc, is delighted to offer your family some very special family vacation spots -all inclusive or tailored to your request with just roundtrip fares and hotel.
Journeycorp Travel, North America
119 West 40th Street, 12th Floor - Manhattan - New York, Ne              
At JourneyCorp, we approach travel management as an enterprise function—as essential to your company as your supply chain or customer retention. All need to perform to enterprise benchmarks and must achieve corporate objectives.
We never forget, however, that we are arranging travel for people, not parcels. A corporate-travel management program works best when it is structured to adhere to the basic principles of performance management, pursues optimal operating results, and accounts for the traveler's comfort and convenience.
Rio Leblon Operadora de Turismo, South America
Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 1.079 , sobreloja 217 - Leblon - Rio de Janeiro, RJ              
A Rioleblon Operadora de Turismo nasceu do fruto de muito trabalho e do sonho de levar a excelência dos serviços de turismo ao público e ao mercado de turismo do Rio de Janeiro.
Atuamos nas áreas de turismo emissivo para os mais diversos continentes, reservas aéreas e de hotéis em todo o mundo, aluguel de carros no Brasil e no exterior, câmbio manual de diversas moedas, elaboração de roteiros personalizados, turismo receptivo no Rio de Janeiro, consultoria especializada para Caribe, Canadá e Estados Unidos da América, representação de trens no Canadá (Via Rail) , especialização em programas para lua de mel no Brasil e exterior.
FETI Travel, North America
347 5th Avenue - Manhattan - New York, NY              
We were established in 1974. Currently, all our staffs have experience of at least 3 years. Among them, two have more than 15 years. We are members of ASTA, ARC, and Austin Associates. In addition, we are the consolidators of China Airlines, EVA Airways, Korean Airlines, Canadian Airlines , American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, and Malaysian Airlines.
Since being an ARC certified agent, we can sell tickets and packages for all airlines and cruises in the world.
If you would like to visit our office, we are located in the center of New York City, easy ccessed by most of the public transportation.
GTT Travel, North America
39-01 Main Street, #301 - Queens - Flushing, NY              
GTT is a leader in the travel industry. The company was established in 1984, in Dallas, Texas. Our company is built on giving our customers both the best possible value and world-class customer service. We have now grown to have more than 4,000 subagents.