World Top Sporting Goods Stores

Sports Authority, North America
57 West 57th Street - New York, NY   10019
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To be considered one of the most complete sporting goods stores in Manhattan and the entire world takes a lot of work. The Sport Authority has taken on this task and come together to provide customers with one of the most comprehensive sports shopping experiences ever put under one roof. They are dedicated to providing athletes and enthusiasts with the equipment needed to run faster, jump higher, and hit the ball further. This New York city sports store is as passionate about improving your game as you are about the sport. Teaming up with some of the biggest names in sporting goods like Nike, Reebok, Under Armour and Oakley, they sell and distribute every aspect of sporting needs. Also home to a variety of both college and professional sports team merchandise, everyone has the chance to feel like their favorite sporting heroes. A new addition, the line of tailgating goods now provides essential camping and BBQ gear to enjoy yourself as much as a spectator as a participant. With nearly every sport from snowboarding and hiking to baseball and basketball covered inside, the Sports Authority is New is as dedicated to the game as is their customer.

NBA Store, North America
590 Fifth Avenue - New York, NY   10036
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GET IN THE GAME!!! The NBA Store in Manhattan is your one stop shop for everything related to the NBA and provides fans with one of the most fulfilling shopping and entertainment experiences available in New York City. Whether you are a Knick fan, a Laker fan or any fan, the NBA store has your team’s gear at great prices. The sprawling 35,000 square foot store doesn’t just do team licensed gear but also has all of the basketball shoes you need to lace up and head to the court. Of course, if you are in the Manhattan store you don’t have to go far as part of the experience involves trying out your gear on the indoor half-court officially endorsed by the NBA. The fun doesn’t stop there - the store also has a consistent array of multimedia presentations that take you away from a basic shopping experience and instead puts you in front of 50,000 screaming fans on the court of your dreams. For a shopping experience like no other and a chance to look exactly like your favorite basketball heroes, look no further than the NBA Store in Manhattan!

The World of Golf, North America
147 East 47th Street  - Manhattan - New York, NY   10036
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You can find shoes, clubs, balls, duffel bags, sunglasses, instruction materials and much more. Your one-stop golf gear-shopping destination for the most comprehensive selection of clubs, putters, accessories and golf gear. Since 1968, The World of Golf stores in New York have been a favorite stop for international and domestic travelers.

Sotto Mare, South America
Av. Infante Dom Henrique s/nº  - Marina da Glória - Rio de Janeiro, RJ   Angra dos Reis:
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A Sotto Mare foi criada em 1998 por Bruno Caruso, é fruto da paixão e fascínio que o mergulho exerce sobre cada um dos praticantes do esporte, oferecendo cursos de alto nível, orientação adequada na aquisição de equipamentos, operação de alto padrão para mergulhos e uma equipe de profissionais especializados e treinados. Atualmente, a Sotto Mare é considerado um dos mais completos centros de mergulho autônomo do Rio de Janeiro, filiados a PDIC - Professional Diving Instructors Corporation. Estrutura compreendendo: sala de aula climatizada no mezanino da loja, equipada com retroprojetor, televisão e vídeo cassete, dispondo, também, de torre de mergulho com 5m de profundidade, onde, desde a primeira aula tem-se contato com as reais condições do mergulho. Saída de barco para passeio turístico.

Gerry Cosby Sporting Goods, North America
3 Penn Plaza  - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY   10001
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Gerry Cosby is famous for his achievements in advancing protective sport wear. For decades Cosby worked on innovative ideas including hockey ankle protectors, customizable football pads, Velcro straps for pads and even fiber glass wrapped hockey blades. His pioneering ideas are fundamental practices at his Manhattan Sporting Goods store. Since he began, Gerry Cosby Sporting Goods has been setting the bar on variety and quality in all they carry. To this day thousands of custom made Cosby equipment bags can still be found in the hands of everyone from pee-wees to professionals. While athletic outfitting is a top priority, Cosby’s also offers a huge selection of custom team merchandise from your favorite college and professional teams. Directly involved with such teams as the Raiders, the Rams, the Knicks, the Jets the Yankees and more, Cosby’s is a sporting goods giant that connects with all generations of fans and athletes. For incredible selection, a family-friendly atmosphere and a tradition of carrying on the thoughts and ideals of its founder, take the time to visit Gerry Cosby Sporting Goods and see for yourself why this New York Sporting Goods store is as good as everyone claims.

Montcamp, South America
Rua Teixeira de Melo, 21 sob.  - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, RJ   Barra da Tijuca
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A Montcamp, empresa com de 25 anos de mercado, é referência no segmento de esportes outdoor, dispondo de uma rede de lojas de vestuário e materiais para esportes de aventura, além de equipamentos para serviços em altura. Comercializa produtos voltados para viagens em geral, atividades de lazer ao ar livre e alpinismo industrial. Sugerimos leitura dos temas: Informativo Escale Seguro e Mont Adventure. Visite, também, em nosso Grupo Academias > Escolinhas. Lojas RJ: Centro, Barra e Ipanema

Shop Fila, North America
340 Madison Avenue  - Manhattan - New York, NY   10017
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Amongst the tall buildings and bustling Manhattan atmosphere sits one store on Madison Avenue that is both an internationally recognized brand and a testament to sports comfort. Shop Fila is a Manhattan Sporting Goods store that has made a legacy out of producing quality goods and specializing in uniqueness, performance and comfort. Originally founded in Biella, Fila has grown considerably from an Italian Alps clothing byproduct to an aesthetically pleasing piece of sports necessity. Within the store, patrons are able to sample Fila’s wares from all aspects of game - from tennis and racquetball gear to the latest in basketball shoes and shorts. Personal performance and health one of your concerns? Fila offers an immense selection of fitness supplies to help better your life. The New York City Fila store also is constantly offering fantastic deals to its customers in order to put them into the very best merchandise without breaking their pocketbooks in the process. Fila has undoubtedly come a long way in its journey and this store is living proof of that statement. If you want to continue to perform to your utmost potential while still looking fabulous while doing it, stop in and check out Shop Fila.

Flu Boutique, South America
Rua Álvaro Chaves, 41  - Laranjeiras - Rio de Janeiro, RJ  

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Com 26 anos de trabalho, a loja oficial da sede nas Laranjeiras, oferece ao torcedor tricolor uma relação extensa de produtos desde a Linha Copa do Brasil – Linha Castilho, camisas personalizadas e a linha Adidas, constituída de Agasalhos, camisas shorts e bermudas. Camisas e camisetas de outras marcas, vasto rol de acessórios, Linha cama e banho, Linha baby, Brasil, feminina, infantil, Linha tênis, Off Flu e uniforma para torcidas organizadas como bonés, camisas, casacos, meias e calções.

Adidas, South America
Av. Aricanduva 5.555, lj 64  - Aricanduva - São Paulo, SP
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O primeiro calçado de Adi Dassler, durante o difícil período pós-guerra, foi produzido em lona. Sendo ele um atleta apaixonado, Adi esteve desde o começo em contato com atletas e sempre ia pessoalmente aos importantes eventos esportivos.

Rip Curl Shop, South America
Av. das Américas, 500 Bl.17 ljs.111/134  - Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro, RJ   22640-100
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“A Rip Curl é uma empresa criada à partir da filosofia do The Search, a força que dá a direção do nosso progresso, é a nossa visão. Nós temos sido os líderes de mercado em wetsutits para o surf por mais de 30 anos e nossas tecnologias Elastomax e SlickSkin tem definido os padrões para as wetsuits do futuro. A tecnologia dos nossos relógios é mais avançada do que qualquer outra possível. Nosso desejo de fabricar pranchas de surf, especialmente sob medida, de forma artesanal, é para ajustar a prancha ao surfista aonde quer que ele vá buscar uma onda.”

Pro Tour Cycles, North America
1590 Route 22 East - Watchung, NJ   07069
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Pro Tour Cycles provides the best bicycle experience in the area. Pro Tour has been known for years for its knowledgeable sales staff, expert repairs, and friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. Don’t let the name fool you – Pro Tour carries all types of bikes, including tricycles, children’s bikes, BMX, Mountain, Race, and also carries skateboards and baby joggers!
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